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GP Rating Courses and Sponsorship: All things to be known

Table of Contents

There’s a programme offered General Purpose Rating for individuals who desire to advance in the merchant navy (GP). During the six-month pre-sea training scheme, candidates are prepare for both the deck and the motor divisions. To be eligible for sponsorship for gp rating, you must have completed your 10th STD or Senior Secondary examinations.

The job profile will be Deck or Engine, depending on the department you want to work in. Ship Maintenance, Cargo Operations, and Navigation Assists are all part of the deck department. The Engine Department, on the other hand, includes assistance with engine room maintenance and general engine room cleaning.

Students who have completed the tenth grade are eligible to enrol in six-month residential pre-sea training programmes. You may also apply for GP Rating course finance through us. The internal professional personnel is well-versed in all facets of the maritime business (Engine and Deck). Swimming, mast and rope climbing, and firefighting exercises are also part of the training.

  • Criteria for Eligibility in GP Rating Courses
  • A passing mark from a reputable board in Science, Math, and English in the 10th and 12th grades is necessary.
  • Any candidate must receive at least 40%, regardless of stream. Additionally, in the 10th or 12th grade, they must have an English grade point average of at least 40%.

An individual must have successfully completed a two-year IT programme in one of the following specialties: mechanic, welder, turner, or fitter. The course should also come from a university that has received government approval. It is necessary to receive at least 40% overall in the final exams and 40% in the English subject for students in the 10th and 12th grades.

  • Payment and Extent

Organization of the GP Rating Course: After finishing the six months of pre-sea training, you will work as a Deck or Engine on the ship. After 36 months of service, one must pass the Second Mate Examination to ascend to the officer level. Following that, other tests offer you with continuing promotions with a nice boost.

The remuneration of freshmen is determine by their knowledge and competency. It usually ranges from $1500 and $3000 per month, although this might vary based on the interview. If you have actual experience, you may be able to present the more expensive bundle as a fresher. Many students enrol in professional programmes that provide job placement.

  • Age Restrictions

Age is regarded as one of the most important criteria of the GP Rating course acceptance procedure. As a result, when you begin the course, you should be between the ages of 18 and 25. Furthermore, the age restriction for the diploma is 27 years, while the age limit for the SC/ST categories is 30 years.

  • Physical and Medical Prerequisites

To be eligible for the merchant navy training, an applicant must be physically, psychologically, and medically fit. Most importantly, the eyesight should be flawless, such as 6/6 in both eyes (unaided vision). This course is not suitable for people who have colour blindness.

  • Summary of the course:

The following are some general programme details: During the course of the programme, six months will pass. It is a course for pre-employment training. Deck crew and engine crew training are the two major maritime jobs for which the GP Rating school prepares pupils. Both the Deck and Engine Rating programmes provide tailored education.

Both are covered in GP Rating, which teaches both the candidate Deck and the Engine Rating components! As part of their training, cadets will study about ship machinery, swimming, fire prevention and safety technologies, first aid, sea fundamentals, ship familiarisation, and other topics.

  • Why Should You Consider Working in the Merchant Navy?

The main advantage of pursuing a job in the Merchant Navy is the opportunity to travel around the world for free. Isn’t it fantastic? Let us focus on its advantages:

  • Highest Paying Job Package: There are many other types of employment available in the market, but none are as profitable as the Merchant Navy business. Yes, as a newcomer, you may earn $1500 to $3000 per month, and much more if you advance to a higher level.
  • Encourages Professionalism: People who are employed in the Merchant Navy have strong and persuasive communication abilities. They are also industrious and adaptable. They also understand how to operate well in groups.
  • Rapid Financial Liberation: This programme allows you to begin your academics after the 12th grade. Unlike many other courses, you will become monetarily affluent at a young age this method. Applying for GP Rating sponsorship will also help you pay less costs and provide you with a variety of additional perks.
  • Prolonged Outings: Merchant navy courses demand a lot of knowledge and time-consuming labour. As a result, they earn a 4-5 month extended vacation after completing a 6-8-month contract.
  • NRI Designation: Sailors who remain at sea for an additional 182 days are granted NRI status by the Indian government. As a result, your earnings are exempt from taxation and financial benefits.
  • No Advanced Degree Requirements: Anyone who has complete the 12th grade is able to enrol in this course, and no advanced degrees are require. This course has no extra graduation or post-graduation requirements. This course is very useful if you are unable to continue your education for a variety of reasons.

Students who want to work in an intriguing and adventurous field might consider taking this course. Jobs earned after completing the GP Rating course are also financially advantageous! For further benefits, some firms are supporting the GP rating courses. One should realise that gp rating course sponsorshipcomes with a variety of benefits, which is why people are interested in supporting it.

In this article, looked at the General-Purpose Rating course, covering basic course information, scope, career prospects after completing the programme, salary information, eligibility requirements, and medical standards.You will have great career opportunities and be able to settle down with a good wage if you enrol in the GP Rating course. So, all it takes is one phone call to get the Merchant Navy dream bundle. 

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