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Functional Skills Exam Centre - Dream Team Promos

Functional Skills Exam Centre

Table of Contents

We’re thrilled to be able to give our students the option of doing their City & Guilds functional skills exams online and in our center in London as part of our continued commitment to making obtaining recognized certifications as straightforward as possible.

With this option, also known as remote invigilation, you can take tests whenever suits you, without traveling to a testing facility!

Functional Skills Exam Centre - Dream Team Promos

Exam For Functional Skills

At Intech Centre, we administer English and Math functional skills tests. The City & Guilds examining body administers our remote exams. You can take part in the exams all year round. Our Functional Skills Exam Centre also provides online Functional Skills English and Maths Exams during weekdays. Usually, the exam includes; 1 Reading Paper, 1 Speaking Assessment, 1 Writing Paper, etc.

Written Paper

Otherwise known as remote invigilation, this option reduces the requirement for you to travel to an exam center, allowing you to sit in exams at 8 am, 11:30 am, or 4:00 pm on weekdays.

Exam For Functional Skills

At our center, we administer English and Math functional skills tests. The City & Guilds examination body administers our exams. You must schedule an online functional skills exam for at least one week.

Please book your exam from the Intech Centre website. You can choose the days and times on the booking page and pay online.

For the Speaking & Listening exam, you will need to attend a group session, participate in a discussion, and deliver a presentation.

Results: generally very quick but can take up to 20 working days.

How Does It Function?

We have mentioned some guidelines to help students prepare for online tests utilizing the Remote Invigilation Service. Please go through the guideline properly.

The online screen test follows the same standards as a center-based or classroom test. An invigilator will monitor you during the test with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They will record the test.

You will be expected to confirm your identity and have a tidy room, clear of papers or books, to sit your test.

Follow the following instructions during the test:

• Get a PC or a laptop with Windows 8 or higher.

• Internet browser: Google Chrome. Then follow & download the instructions.

• Surpass Viewer – download instructions below

• An active and up-to-date anti-virus program

• A strong/stable internet connection

• A webcam you can rotate

• A microphone

• A peaceful, well-lit space where you don’t get disturbed.

• Photo ID (no more than ten years old): We accept student ID, driver’s license, passport, and work-based ID.

Google Chrome and Surpass Viewer both require installation. This is due to he test’s remote invigilation component using Google Chrome, and the test’s content is delivered via Surpass Viewer.

English Functional Skills Test Online in A Nutshell

Complete your Functional Skills English exam at home. This step is a must to earn your FS qualification. Registration and certification fees are included.

Additionally, there is an “Exam Preparation Course“. This course uses e-learning, eliminating the need to travel to testing locations. Accessible for Levels 1 and 2

Regarding Your Course

Need help to handle the logistics or strain of taking tests in a group at a designated location. You might find what you’re looking for in our remote Functional Skills tests!

With our virtual classroom technology, Intech Centre is pleased to be one of the UK’s only online suppliers of remote Functional Skills tests. This enables you to take your exams conveniently in your own home. By doing this, you avoid the stress and strain of finishing this crucial part of your studies while sitting in a room with other people.

By doing this, you avoid the stress and strain of finishing this crucial part of your studies while sitting in a room with other people.

You can now take your exam alone while having an invigilator monitor you via webcam to ensure you follow the rules. You will receive a candidate guide with all the guidelines. We will use it to examine according to the rules and regulations you must abide by before your exam.

Most colleges and universities accept qualifications at the Functional Skills Level 2 and are recognized as the GCSE equivalent. Therefore, a Functional Skills English qualification attests to your practical proficiency in using English for life, study, and employment.

Our online Functional Skills tests come in Level 1 and Level 2 versions. The regulatory agency that oversees English qualifications, exams, and assessments, The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), has given them their approval.

NB: You must comply with the exam board’s guidelines during your exam to be disqualified.

What Does It Include?

Registration fees for the awarding organization; Certification fees; One Speaking, Listening, and Communicating (SLC) test taken remotely utilizing online classroom technology; One Reading and Writing Online Exam taken from Home Using an Online exam system.

Online Functional Skills Exam;

  • A leading UK provider of distance education is Intech Centre. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation has authorized this online test for functional English skills at levels 1 and 2.
  • This online Functional Skills exam is accessible at your convenience, free from the stress and scheduling complications of group exams at designated testing locations. Alternatively, you can finish your exam from the comfort of your home whenever you’re ready.
  • The center offers Exams every day of the year, 365 days a year. Assessments for speaking, listening, and communicating (SLC) occur every weekend in the early morning. You can choose when to finish the final section of your Functional Skills course thanks to the frequency and flexibility of the course.
  • It implies that you can accomplish your aim more quickly. To enter a university, you can use your Functional Skills qualification. You can also swiftly get the knowledge and confidence needed to handle obstacles in daily life.

*Please be aware that each university has its admittance standards. Therefore, confirming with your chosen university that your Functional Skills qualification will be accepted before enrolling in a program is essential.

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