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5 Great Career Options for Georgia College Students

5 Great Career Options for Georgia College Students

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So you’re not sure which career path you want to choose yet, but you know you want to take advantage of Georgia’s impressive secondary education options. That’s an impressive start!

Although research proves that a college degree gives adults the most options in life, not everyone can pursue a degree. And out of those who enroll, less than half graduate.

You want to set yourself up for success, but you’re unsure which profession is right for you, and that’s okay! It’s possible to start a degree path, take your prerequisites and other courses, and still switch gears midstream.

However, if you can figure out your dream job first, it’ll save you time and money. Here is a quick summary of five of the most popular career options for Georgia college students to get you started.

1. Accounting


Accounting is a vast field ideal for those who are numbers-oriented, have excellent attention to detail, and enjoy making things fit in perfect boxes. As an accountant, you can specialize in various niches, and if you want to try something new, it’s relatively seamless to make parallel moves in the industry.

If this sounds like it may be up your alley, consider aiming for a job in one of these sectors:

  • Public accounting (auditing, helping file taxes, and planning personal finances),
  • Corporate or government accounting (financial reporting, budget analysis, and providing fiscal insights),
  • Education (teaching and researching),
  • Non-profit (assisting with money management and planning)

A degree in accounting opens you up to a wide range of jobs. Think outside of the box, as your skills can take you to anything from client management to banking and sales.

2. Computer Science

Computer Science

Jobs in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are in high demand globally. They also tend to be lucrative, especially in computer science positions.

With this degree, you can work in any area of computing that attracts you, depending on your specialty. Your skills will give you access to jobs in programming, systems development, network technology, software design, and more. You can work for another company or set up a business yourself.

As technology continues to advance, you may find yourself on the cutting edge of new innovations!

3. Healthcare


Do you love helping others? Is the human body and all its wonder something that you’re curious about? If so, a career in healthcare could be a good fit!

Healthcare careers encompass a wide assortment of professions. If you’re not into the anatomical aspect, you can go behind the scenes and work in healthcare management, running the operations and planning.

But if needles and bodily fluids don’t deter you, nursing gets you hands-on with the patients without the need for a 10-15 year education that comes with a medical degree.

Still, the role of a doctor comes with plenty of perks once you get past med school. You’ll need to be licensed, though. This article by Physicians Thrive digs into what it takes to get your medical license in Georgia.

4. Psychology


Maybe your version of helping others is more in the emotional realm. If so, psychology should be extremely interesting and rewarding to you.

This degree takes you into avenues like counseling, advocating for those who can’t speak for themselves, and community relations. Depending on your specialty, you could focus on helping a specific niche, such as children, geriatrics, recovering substance abusers, or even criminals.

Psychologists often move into more public arenas where they can advocate for mental health awareness. Research, fundraising, and public speaking are critical avenues that are often overlooked in psychology.

5. Marketing


Spend two minutes scrolling on social media, and you’ll see how prevalent marketing is. Today’s world is unique in that people are targets for marketers everywhere.

In fact, it’s so commonplace now that we’re used to it. It takes more and more skill and finesse for a good marketer to break through the skepticism and stand out from the crowd of competition.

With your marketing degree, you can make a difference in small and big businesses. You’ll learn how to leverage technology to handle brand management, attract consumers, and advise business owners as to how best to bring traffic to their doorsteps (or websites).

It can be fun and challenging to help others become more successful, and it’s a field that’s always changing. If you prefer to continually learn new things and improve your skills regularly, this field is for you.


Decades ago, it was a little easier to choose a career path, as your options were somewhat limited. Today, the sky is no longer the limit, and your profession, whether it’s one of these five or something else, can take you across borders and atmospheres.

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