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Select Escape Rooms For Team Building

3 Considerations To Select Escape Rooms For Team Building

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An escape room calls for collaboration, communique, creativity, and essential wandering, making it a splendid manner to construct relationships with colleagues.

Escape rooms have ended an increasing number of famous exercises in group building and dating construction in recent years. An escape room is a place where a group works together to remedy puzzles and entire tasks that could get away from a themed room at a moment’s notice.

Escape Rooms For Team Building

Why do Escape Rooms Work for Team Building?

Shared Problem Solving

The middle attraction of an escape room is the joys of operating together as a team to decipher clues and resolve puzzles toward the clock. They revel in locations with coworkers in a thrilling setting outdoors in their routine. Participants must collaborate and brainstorm collectively to be able to obtain their goal of escaping the room within the detailed time restriction. 

Solving puzzles calls for each critical and innovative wondering. Coworkers get to peer at every different person’s trouble-solving abilities in motion. They discover ways to leverage one another’s diverse strengths and perspectives to overcome demanding situations.

Strengthened Communication

In the confined space of an escape room, communication is critical. Teams must speak up about clues they discover and effectively coordinate to make connections between puzzles spread throughout the room. Coworkers must alert others to time constraints. They need to verbalize strategies and delegate tasks. 

Active listening and nonverbal gestures also come into play. Participants get to practice and enhance their communication skills in a low-pressure, social atmosphere. Developing the ability to communicate clearly is an asset that extends beyond an escape room. You can check it on the team building escape room near me.

Deeper Bonds

The shared experience of collaboratively working to escape a room fosters deeper bonds between coworkers that can last beyond the game itself. Friendships and improved understanding emerge when coworkers cooperate under pressure. People’s natural competitiveness is often aroused but directed toward conquering the shared challenge rather than outdoing fellow participants. 

Escape rooms provide an opportunity for coworkers to see each other’s capabilities and creative sides in a new light. Respect develops when individual strengths shine. The exhilaration of victory when the team cracks the code to escape also creates shared memories of triumphing together.

Selection for Corporate Escape Rooms

Escape Room Selection

Companies first need to decide what style of escape room matches their goals. Rooms usually have an intriguing premise tied to historical times, fictional worlds from books/movies, or strange phenomena. Popular themes include prison breaks, haunted houses, jungle treks, and stopping a zombie virus outbreak. 

Companies should select a room that will resonate with their employees and not require specialized knowledge. Many rooms can accommodate midsize groups of 6-12 people. Larger escape room venues or private events can host 20+ people.

Team Configuration

Another strategic decision is how to configure the employees inside the escape room. While strangers can be randomly grouped, placing existing work teams or friends together fosters better teamwork. Some venues recommend sorting participants based on shared strengths, such as engineers in one room and creatives in another. 

The configuration depends on whether the goal is strengthening current teams or cross-pollinating departments. However, the employees themselves should feel satisfied with the groups so no one feels isolated or ill-equipped.


Discussing after everyone escapes the room provides an opportunity for constructive analysis. Employees can share feedback on challenges they faced and successful strategies. Observers inside the space can offer insight into how peers collaborate. 

Groups reflect on their communication breakdowns or the emergence of leaders. Discussing takeaways fosters lasting lessons that apply to future teamwork beyond the escape room environment. 

The Future of Escape Rooms for Building Teams

Evolving Technology

Companies like AT&T and Google are optimizing escape room team building experiences using augmented and virtual reality. With apps and VR headsets, the escape challenges can be gamified into extended adventures. AR introduces multimedia layers over actual surroundings, while VR fully immerses participants in virtual settings. 

Tech-infused rooms incorporate features like voice commands, holographic projections, motion sensors, tactile feedback, and biometric monitoring. As virtual worlds become more immersive and responsive, expect corporate escape rooms to adopt creative tech twists increasingly.

Fresh Opportunities

Escape rooms provide team-building events beyond stale conference room seminars and staid dinner meetings. As the industry continues growing, new venues keep emerging while existing ones expand and upgrade rooms. Expect deeper narratives and movie studio-level special effects. 

They branded escape rooms and partnered with franchises from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park to recreate adventures on the big screen. Also, look for crossover with other booming trends like foodie events and cocktail bars. Food puzzles add flavour, while solve-to-drink bars mix cocktails when puzzles are solved. 

As escape rooms elevate production value and forge fresh partnerships, opportunities flourish for companies in search of memorable bonding experiences.


Escape rooms have turned out to be an enticing way for personnel to construct camaraderie and beef up teamwork. By putting coworkers together in an unfamiliar, thrilling scenario that rewards creativity and conversation, groups foster deeper connections among employees. 

Escape rooms are immersive and high energy, breaking down workplace isolation and reinvigorating staff morale. Expect the popularity and technological innovation around escape rooms for corporate team building to continue ascending in the years ahead.

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