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FASTag Balance Online

A Step-by-Step Guide to Check Your FASTag Balance Online

Table of Contents

Toll booths spelling traffic jams and frantic wallet searches for cash soon turn pleasant with FASTag. However, paying attention to low prepaid balances also leads to stuck queues and chaos. Avoid such hassles by regularly checking your FASTag wallet online.

This article simplifies the process across 5 quick steps – read on to learn how to log in, locate your tag’s section, and view up-to-date balances on issuer platforms.

Step 1: Choose Your FASTag Issuer’s Website or App

FASTags are issued by leading banks and financial institutions like IDFC FIRST Bank. Each issuer has its own website or mobile app to manage the tags.

Visit your bank’s official website or download its app from PlayStore/AppStore if using a smartphone. You can use their mobile app or portal for third-party wallets like Paytm.

The official platform makes it convenient to view detailed e-statements, raise grievances regarding wrong deductions, or avail quick online fastag recharge facilities.

Step 2: Log In to Your Account

Open the website/app and click on login. Credentials are typically your registered mobile number or unique customer ID provided during FASTag registration.

This fastag login step is important; you may need to authenticate via OTP. It allows the bank to pull up your account details once verified. Keep login credentials secure at all times for seamless access.

Step 3: Navigate to the Tag Section

Once logged in, the dashboard displays major account sections, transactions, or service categories. Locate the tab/link specifically meant for your FASTag account, usually labelled “FASTag”, “My Tags”, “Prepaid Wallet”, etc.

This is where you can find all details pertaining to tags mapped to your ID, like tag balance, validity, pending refunds, past journeys, toll spending patterns, etc., under relevant sub-sections.

Step 4: Check the Current Balance

Under the “Balance” or “Wallet” sub-section, your current FASTag balance reflecting the latest transactions will be visible prominently.

Unlike regular bank accounts, FASTag wallets work on a prepaid basis, automatically deducting as you pass toll gates. So, monitoring balance here gives updated usage rather than periodic bank passbook/statement entries.

It is advisable to check this before starting long trips to avoid negative balances while travelling. Remember, it reflects all online recharges or recent highway toll spends.

Step 5: Recharge Account if Required

You should check FASTag balance before your upcoming journey and recharge it via the available quick online options.

On the issuer apps/websites, you can typically use connected net banking, cards, UPI apps, wallets, etc., to conveniently reload your FASTag wallet and avail fastag recharge online seamlessly. Some issuers like IDFC FIRST Bank also provide an auto-recharge facility that can be linked to your bank account to maintain a sufficient FASTag balance.

This way, you can ensure having enough prepaid funds for smooth highway mobility without needing to check your fastag balance time and again before travel.

The fastag recharge online convenience enables maintaining an adequate FASTag wallet at all times for interruption-free cashless travel across highway toll plazas.


Regularly checking your FASTag issuer’s platform for real-time balance always ensures sufficient prepaid wallet funds. This prevents getting stranded at toll gates due to a lack of cash. Staying on top of your tag usage and recharging online when low is key for non-stop mobility on cashless highways. Whether you’re an IDFC FIRST Bank customer or use another issuer, staying informed and proactive with your FASTag account is key to smooth travel.

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