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Electronic visiting cards

Top 8 Digital eCard Maker Website You Must Leverage This Year 2022

Table of Contents

Electronic visiting cards are digital copies of physical business cards that you can view and share on your smartphone. A professional card maker app improves the efficiency of your network. It keeps track of your clicks and visits using analytics. Your Digital Business Card dashboard shows all of the major link clicks, profile clicks, and social network profile visits.

Consider the most crucial data first: your name, title, logo, and the best way to contact you. Additional features, such as a Twitch link for live streamers, an Instagram account for influencers, a motto for creatives, or store hours for a small company owner, should be chosen based on your occupation. Stick to the classics for more formal settings, or try something new to express yourself. Consider how you want your information to appear on the front and back of your virtual business card. This article discusses the different smartphone apps that may be used to create electronic business cards.

Make My Ecard 

Make My eCard assists you in creating eCards that allow you to express yourself in ways you’ve never considered before. We assist you in creating eCards that you may use to express yourself.

We are a professional card maker that will help businesses or brands to engage, interact, or convey all of their relevant information to worldwide clients directly on Smartphones, Tablets, or even Desktops in just a few clicks!

One Card

This electronic card is one of the most technologically advanced on the market. You can use the platform to construct a digital hub where clients can interact with you as they wish. You may, for example, provide a brief bio that provides additional information about yourself. In your bio, you may also include a video introduction as well as links to all of your social network accounts. OneCard offers a free plan, but if you want premium features you have to pay. 


Evernote, a popular notepad tool, may also be used to scan business cards. Evernote will normally detect papers and business cards when you upload a new photo as a note and shoot them using its document scanner mode. It will be saved in Evernote as a Business Card note, with sections for contact information, a photo of the card, and any remarks you want to include. You may then add the person to your address book or set Evernote to remind you to contact them.

About. me

You can use About. me to create a shareable electronic visiting card that you can send by email or text message. You are about. me page can include any mix of information, such as your email, phone number, photo, and more. Your recipients will have the option to store your contact information in their phone’s address book.

KADO Networks

KADO Networks provides a digital business card solution that is extremely easy to manage. Using our digital business card platform, you can easily personalize your digital business cards and exchange contact information through QR codes or links. Using KADO Networks, you may import and scan paper cards to add them to your contact list instantaneously, as well as create notes and record events directly in the app.

L-Card Pro

The most advanced electronic business card management program available is L-Card Pro. The most comprehensive Digital Business Card Design Suite, as well as award-winning OCR card scanning, Smart Email Signature, Video Sharing, L-Card Analytics, and more, are all included. L-Card Pro’s popularity is growing as more professionals around the world entrust it with all of their business card management needs. It was named one of the top three Emerging Mobile Apps for Business at the GMASA (Global Mobile App Summit & Awards). Although the base plan is free, it has limited features.


The Switchit app includes everything you’ll need to build a virtual business card, manage your contacts, and track prospects. You can automatically acquire contacts, add and modify contacts, and view historical data with the SMART contact manager. Switchit allows you to share important files with everyone you encounter via global conversations and file attachments. Although the base plan is free, it has limited features.


Canva is a graphic design platform based in Australia that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. The software comes with templates that users can use. Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise are paid memberships that provide additional features to the platform. Canva debuted a video editing function in 2021. Users can also pay for printed and sent tangible products.

Final Thoughts

Handshakes and physical business cards are no longer acceptable, and eCards have taken their place. Use B2B eCards to establish yourself as a forward-thinking and progressive company. Handshakes and physical business cards are no longer acceptable, and eCards have taken their place. Use an electronic visiting card to establish yourself as a forward-thinking and progressive company.

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