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Best USA 4th Grade Math Tutoring Services: In-Home & Online -

Best USA 4th Grade Math Tutoring Services: In-Home & Online

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4th grade is a pivotal stage in any student’s life. In 4th grade, math textbooks become thicker and lessons become way more intense. This stage prepares kids for the next grade and thus, studying involves a lot of mental weightlifting. 

So, how do you help your child get through 4th grade math? The answer is simple: invest in math tutoring for 4th graders. With the right math tutor, you can help your child navigate with the murky waters of math without any hassles. In this guide, we’ll explore the best 4th grade math tutoring activities and services both online and in-home. 

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? 

Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we? 

Best Online Tutoring Services 

So, you keep searching “tutoring for 4th graders near me” with no results. Fortunately, you can end your search by trying out any of these result-driven online tutoring services:


Brighterly is an edtech startup dedicated to making math learning fun and engaging for kids. Targeted at young learners in pre-k, kindergarten, and grades 1 through 8, this startup utilizes several strategies to keep kids engaged throughout each lesson.

For starters, Brighterly focuses on game-based learning. Over the last few decades, many experts have touted game-based learning as an effective method for driving learning motivation. In addition, it also helps students to grasp concepts faster and retain them for longer. Bearing this in mind, Brighterly’s tutors use a combination of fun games, videos, and worksheets to power each lesson.

Brighterly also offers an adaptive curriculum to ensure that each young learner is adequately catered for. But what does this look like in action? Put simply, it means that lessons are adjusted to meet each child’s specific learning needs and goals.

To get started with Brighterly, you’ll need to fill out the necessary information and choose a convenient date and time of studying. Then, you’ll get a free demo lesson after which you can select one of the payment plans and have a tutor assigned to your child. Once a kid begins studying, they get access to a wide range of learning resources, including 4th grade tutoring worksheets.

So, if you’re looking for a mathematics tutor or a platform that offers excellent math tutors, Brighterly is the best choice for you.

Best Online Tutoring Services  - dream team promos

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is yet another excellent math tutoring website for kids. However, this edtech platform puts a unique spin on math learning. Like Brighterly, it utilizes game-based learning; teaching kids math through fun activities and games.

Prodigy Math offers efficient one-on-one online math tutoring for students in grades one through eight. These sessions cover the basics and include core math topics. It offers a free session as well, which is quite handy for parents who want to “test the merchandise” before making a financial commitment. With the learning session, parents get to assess Prodigy’s methods while the tutor assesses the student to determine their learning needs and goals.

Subsequent sessions are 30 minutes long and are pegged at $30. This makes Prodigy Math a relatively affordable option for kids who want to build their math skills and academic confidence.

The Princeton Review 

Want to teach your 4th grader advanced math? Or maybe you keep searching online phrases like “math tutor near me for adults?” Whether you’re in need of a math tutor for your 4th grader or yourself, The Princeton Review is an excellent choice! With this platform, you can get all the math help you need.

Owned by the renowned, The Princeton Review is one of the most efficient tutoring platforms on the market. It offers online courses and comes with an arsenal of experienced tutors who are available and willing to provide assistance. It’s also your go-to prep hub for tests like the LSAT, MCAT, GRE, and all college entrance exams. Regular tutoring may cost between $35 to $40 per session.

One of The Princeton Review’s perks is that it doesn’t match students to tutors. Instead, you can view each tutor’s profile and make a choice by yourself. 

The Princeton Review 

Learn To Be

Looking for a free online math tutor for 4th grade? You’ll definitely love Learn To Be! Learn To Be is a non-profit organization that offers students equal opportunities to thrive, regardless of their background and financial circumstances. It offers free one-on-one tutoring to students across the country.

You can get started by filling out an application form detailing your child’s learning needs and goals. Once you’ve done this, a tutor will respond and schedule a virtual meeting (typically after a week). Learning sessions are equally virtual and take place in an online classroom via the Learn To Be website.

Although Learn To Be is free for students who need it, it also welcomes donations and every dollar goes towards tutoring!

Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep is another excellent platform where you can find online math tutors for your 4th grader. It has a team of full-time math tutors who are dedicated to teaching math and helping young students fall in love with the subject.

Revolution Prep offers both students and parents a high-end experience by focusing on interactive learning and incorporating storytelling into tutorials. However, this unique learning experience comes at a steep price: $116 per hour for private tutoring sessions. If you’d like a cheaper plan, you can get a group tutoring session for $42 per hour.

Where to Find In-home Math Tutors

Although online math tutors are more prevalent, you can still find an in-home tutor for your 4th grader. Search within your immediate community (i.e., other parents, the community library, and so on). If you still can’t find one, it might be worth asking your child’s math teacher for recommendations and advice. 

Final Thoughts

Tired of typing “4th grade math tutor near me” in the search bar every single time? You can cut down your search and save time by trying out Brighterly or any of the alternative tutoring platforms listed above. Remember to consider your budget as well as the platform’s reviews when making a decision.

Good luck!

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