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For Online Demos, Video Tutoring, and Zoom Meeting Recording – Use Screen Recorder for PC

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Screen recording systems for Mac, Linux, and windows 10 version help you capture the specific area on your desktop computer. If you like to share recorded videos after recording, you can do it without installing expensive software or apps. Free screen recorder for PC is available online which is used for audio and visual recording for offline usage.

How Do You Use Screen Recorder for PC?

If you want to show your students how to open an account on social media sites, you can demonstrate it easily with a screen recorder. Record the videos with the third-party software and then do the editing. After downloading the best screen recorder app on your desktop, upload the videos on the dashboard of your screen recorder platform for adding new features and editing purposes. Or you can simply capture the online video streaming live by operating the powerful screen recorder for pc. Set the recording time online and leave the computer desk. The auto screen recorder will continue covering ongoing activities including running game playing in your absence. So, it is very easy to do the video and live streaming capture with the best screen recorder for PC.

 Manual Process of Audio and Display Recording on Desktop

You can also record the audio or voice and display screens on the desktop without installing any third-party app like VSDC screen recorder. The manual process for instant screen recording on your own pc is simple. For windows, press Shift +F9 at a time to capture the screens on the desktop. For mac, simply do Control+Shift+Spacebar on a single go for smooth instant screen recording.

Why Do You Use Screen Recorder Online?

For online customers, you can do demonstrations to educate them about your products. So, with the screen recorder online, do screen capturing live on your desktop or mac screen. You can include microphone to capture the sound to record the screen for presentation. So, for customer retention, do this type of screen recording to enhance excellent brand awareness. Besides, for video tutoring, and online workshops, tutors like to record the running training session with a webcam. Later, send your recorded screens with sound to online students for watching the video screens.

How to Record Zoom Meeting without Permission?

Screen recorders are helpful for people to cover live events, online game playing, and any tutorial program on pc desktop or Mac systems. You can take permission from your overseas clients or students to record group discussion, conferences, and virtual tutoring sessions/workshops with free or paid screen recorders. However, it is sometimes necessary to learn how to record Zoom meeting without permission to get evidence. You won’t need to inform your partners for recording their videos or live activities online. Many top zoom screen recording apps are found on the internet. The participants do not take consent from the host during the online streaming recording.

Manually, you can do the zoom recording without the host’s permission. For instance, by clicking the mouse on Logo +G keys, you select Show All Captures button and then go for the screen record option. It will work fine to record the zoom meeting screen without prior permission from the host.


Screen recorders record any online video tutoring, live webcam, conference, and practical training session. Later you can provide these recorded screens to others for extensive studies and data analysis. Even you can record online live Skype video calls using smart screen recording software. You can play the recorded screens in mp 4 video format on your pc, android, and Mac desktop.

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