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How Does School LMS Engage Students in Learning?

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Keeping students engaged in the classroom is a task in itself that teachers often struggle with. The reason behind the student’s disinterest can be his lack of attention to boring learning content. However, teachers can make students interested in learning if the learning content is presented in an engaging and informative format.

Luckily, today there are several methods to teach students better, one such mode is using LMS.

A learning management system or LMS is a system that is used to create online learning courses for students, and also to distribute and keep track of their learning progress. However, there are other purposes of LMS, using LMS teachers can make students engaged in learning and also increase their will to self-learning.

This article will discuss how LMS can make students more attentive in their online or offline learning.

Use For Blended Learning: Learning Management System or LMS is the system that is used to create and distribute online learning courses. However, teachers can use the content of online courses to teach in offline classes too. As blended learning is being adopted by most schools, teachers can use this mode to engage students in learning in both online and offline learning.

Present Content In Multiple Formats: The central reason for the disinterest of students in learning is the way learning content is presented. It is a well-known fact that students engage with content that is presented attractively and engagingly. Photos, videos, colorful presentations use, audio, etc. all these multimedia formats make it possible for teachers to teach easily and engage students too. Using LMS teachers can create online courses in attractive ways to make them more attention-grabbing so that students click and start learning.

Include Gamification Methods: Every kid loves to play games whether it’s solving puzzles or finding words all these games not only entertain students but also make their brains active. Using LMS and third-party integrations, students can gamify the assignments and learning content. This will make students engage with the content for a longer period and stimulate an active learning process.

Emphasis On Social Learning Method: Just lecturing students in class and explaining problems on a blackboard is not the only way to teach students. There is nothing more uninteresting for students to sit and listen to lectures for an hour or so. Instead of doing so, try to include students in the learning process, and assigning group projects and debates are one good way to do so. In LMS some features allow students to create online projects and live together with each other from sitting at their homes. This way the students like to learn together, enhance their social and communication skills, and most importantly, students will engage in learning activities voluntarily.

Take Feedback: It is normal for teachers to give students remarks and feedback on their learning and assignments. However, teachers must take feedback from students too. Using the LMS communication feature and chatbox feature students can leave their feedback on the online courses and this makes them know how their learning process matters to the school and teachers. This will encourage the students to focus on the course and learn the content more.

Engage in One-to-One Communication: Communication is the key to success, whether it is academic success or career success. As teachers, it becomes your responsibility to communicate with students as often as possible. With online learning apps in use and communication features in LMS will allow teachers to have one-to-one communication with students. During this conversation, teachers can know students’ concerns, their problems and can advise and encourage them to learn and practice.

Enrich the User Experience: If you want more and more students to engage with the online course on LMS, then the school needs to ensure that the school LMS they choose is user-friendly. This will make it easier for students to log in and start learning, rather than getting confused with the complex user interface of LMS.

Mobile Feature: Having a mobile app for LMS makes it much more flexible for students to learn from any device and from anywhere without any restrictions, of worrying about studying only on desktop.

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