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Ultimate Guide to Pursuing MBBS in Georgia

Ultimate Guide to Pursuing MBBS in Georgia

Table of Contents

MBBS is one of the perfect careers in medicine when you make a decision to continue after your higher studies. MBBS stands for “Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery,”; And it’s a professional undergraduate degree for students who are interested in training in the field of medicine and surgery. The degree is mainly for medical school graduates and is available in various countries. Wondering which is the right place to study for the MBBS graduation? Georgia, a country in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, is known for their choice of sending out the best aspiring medical professionals. This guide aims to provide valuable insights into pursuing an MBBS in Georgia along with the country’s education system in terms of medicine, admission process, and more.

Wondering why is MBBS in Georgia the perfect option to study?

1. High-Quality Education:

Georgia is known for its robust medical system of education because of its globally specialized universities. Some of the Institutions like Tbilisi State Medical University and David Tvildiani Medical University offer high-quality programs that focus on practical experience that meets international standards.

2. English-Medium Programs:

English has become a versatile language when it comes to international studies. There are quite a lot of English medium programs which help and are an added advantage. This will work on eliminating the language barrier and will help in ensuring a smooth transition for students from various corners of the world.

3. Admission Process:


To pursue MBBS graduation in Georgia, the students and applicants have to complete their secondary education in any science background like biology, chemistry, and physics. There is a minimum score required to pass their eligibility criteria.

Entrance Examinations:

There are also entrance exams available that the students should pass mandatory; Also there will be other tests like the Medical Council of India screening test or the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Make sure to check the requirements of the chosen university.

Application Procedures:

Also, make sure to work on the documentation steps; This will include transcripts, letter recommendations, personal statements, passports, and more! Make sure to meet the deadlines set by the university while submitting your documents.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Georgia:

Global Recognition:

Georgian universities are known for their medical education and degrees. Graduates from Georgia are known for successfully pursuing their career, and further education in top universal countries like the UK, US, Canada, and various European nations.


Compared to other Western countries, the budget seems to be way more affordable in terms of cost of living and tuition fees. This makes the country an attractive option in terms of education for students.

Cultural Adjustment:

Moving to a new country is going to be challenging, but the best part is that Georgia’s warm and welcoming culture makes the adjustment way smoother. Engaging in local activities, and connecting with fellow students, will make you experience something new.

Language Barrier:

While English-medium programs are best in terms of language concerns, learning common and basic Georgian phrases can make your everyday life way easier to communicate with the local communities.

Choosing Georgia is one of the best options since the education here is top-notch, with the right cultural richness and better career opportunities compared to other prospects. Because of its affordability and not much language barrier, they have been considered to be the best option!

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