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Hospital Waiting Room TVs

How Hospital Waiting Room TVs Can Enhance the Patient Experience

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Hospital waiting room TVs often play muted streams of news and cable TV. As a result, patients may mentally tune them out or use their own devices to stay distracted.

Displaying patient testimonial videos in the medical waiting area TV is one of the quickest ways to grab patients’ attention. They can also serve as a branding platform for the healthcare facility.

Boost patient satisfaction

The type of content you display on hospital waiting room TV advertising can significantly impact patient satisfaction. For instance, displaying a hospital staff bio on a screen humanizes the experience and puts guests at ease. It’s also an opportunity to show off the talents of your team members, which can boost morale.

Similarly, showing educational content like hospital amenities, upcoming events, and wellness recommendations on a Pro TV can give patients confidence in the facility and reduce perceived wait times. The ability to quickly update displays makes it simple to announce new cafeteria menu items, remind patients of visiting hours and hospital regulations, or even recognize a donor’s contribution.

However, it’s important to avoid displaying political content in hospital waiting rooms. Research has shown that negative news can evoke a negative mood change in the viewer. This may amplify their anxiety about their situation or the upcoming medical appointment.

Choosing the right content to display in your hospital’s waiting rooms is vital to patient satisfaction and retention. Using a private healthcare TV service, you can engage your patients with entertainment and education while avoiding distracting media that might affect their mood. You can also choose the frequency of updates, which allows you to ensure that your visitors are always up-to-date on any changes at your facility.

Improve patient loyalty

Many medical practices use waiting room TVs to show local news or cable channels, which are often cluttered with advertisements and can have graphic or inappropriate content. Digital signage allows clinics to optimize their screen space and display only content they control. This avoids giving free marketing to competitors or running ads for medications that may harm patients.

Patients are wary and skeptical of treatment procedures and practices, so showing them informative medical waiting room videos is an excellent way to build trust. Educational content such as video bios of providers, patient testimonials, hospital services and events, and community wellness awareness can help reassure patients.

Displaying positive media on a digital screen, such as nature videos and kindness content, can also put patients at ease, especially in stressful situations like a family member’s medical emergency. Digital screens can also promote cafeteria menus, visiting hours, and hospital regulations to help visitors navigate the facility more easily.

Medical waiting room TVs can also recognize the clinic’s donors, which is particularly beneficial for practices that rely on donations to continue their life-saving work. This can boost brand’s reputation and encourage more people to donate to the clinic. With the right medical waiting room TVs, patients can have an engaging experience and be more likely to return to the clinic.

Make waiting times feel shorter

Some people dislike having televisions in waiting rooms. They feel it’s just another distraction that doesn’t serve any purpose and wastes their time. They may not even turn the TV on, opting for their entertainment devices or a book.

Many patients, however, like having the option to watch TV. This allows them to relax and feel comfortable in the waiting room while keeping them informed. It can also help reduce their anxiety and make the appointment more pleasant.

With digital signage, it is easy to update the content that patients see while in your waiting room. This can include everything from staff introduction videos to patient testimonials and more!

It is also easy to show estimated wait times on waiting room screens. This is something that over 55% of patients wish they had access to. Rather than asking an associate, patients can check their screen and be notified once it is their turn. Some practices even go as far as giving patients a pager that buzzes once it’s their turn.

Reduce patient anxiety

Waiting rooms are often stressful for patients, especially for life-changing news or invasive medical procedures. Using a waiting room TV to share educational content can make these experiences more pleasant for everyone involved. For instance, hospitals can use TVs to show staff bios and photos to humanize their teams, allowing patients to build trusting relationships with their primary providers. They can also display videos describing specific procedures, including before and after images and testimonials, to help reduce patient anxiety and stress about their appointments.

The hospital can even run ads on the screens to promote events, clinic updates, and special offers to boost brand awareness. This will save the front desk staff from having to distribute posters or pin announcements on bulletin boards.

No one likes to wait, and waiting in a hospital is incredibly stressful. The sterile environment and sense of foreboding that can accompany an appointment can trigger anxiety and nervousness, making the patient anxious and stressed before their visit even begins. Hospitals must utilize TVs with relaxing content like nature footage in their waiting areas.

Hospitals can also use their TVs to display information specific to the waiting area, such as cafeteria menus or visiting hours. They can also use their waiting room TVs to recognize donors, which is a great way to highlight how much the hospital relies on donations to continue their life-saving work.

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