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7 Best Majors for A Healthcare Job

7 Best Majors for A Healthcare Job

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Healthcare professionals play an essential part in maintaining society’s wellbeing. They diagnose and treat various conditions affecting patients from diverse age groups. Furthermore, recent technological innovations have had an enormous impact on healthcare provision as well as patient care services.

Healthcare is one of the most diverse professions available today; enthusiasts with an interest in this sector may pursue different career options accordingly. You should find what excites and engages you the most so that you can make informed decisions regarding which path best fits you.

Whether you want to be a doctor, nurse, or lab technician, you must have clarity. It will help you choose the right major accordingly and will save you time and effort.

Also, there are various medical specialties that you must know to make the right career choice. Let’s say you want to be a nurse; then you must decide whether you want to be cardiac care nurse or a clinical nurse specialist.

Here are some best majors for a healthcare job that will help you to choose the right career path.

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MSN – Nursing Education

MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) in Nursing Education allows nurses to use their degrees to teach students and to work professionally. It will help you to:

  • Build a basic foundation of nursing knowledge and learn the relevant fundamental principles.
  • Learn how to think critically as a nurse and about the clinical environments.
  • Learn about the relevant technologies which you can apply in the field.
  • Learn teaching and clinical techniques in diverse healthcare settings.

To pursue a degree, you may consider leveraging distance learning opportunities on a virtual education platform. In that case, you can opt for an online nursing education. It will save you cost, effort, and time which will make things easier for you in your academic journey. Additionally, it will give you the flexibility to manage your daily schedule.

MSN opens the gates of different career opportunities for aspiring nurses, which include:

  • Instructor in a clinical setting.
  • Nurse educators in different healthcare settings.
  • Public health educator.
  • Researcher in an educational institute.
  • Simulation educator.


In biochemistry major, students study courses related to chemistry and living organisms. If you love chemistry and want to opt for the medical field, then this major can be the perfect fit for you.

You will also study different science courses related to chemistry and biology. Some of the courses could be related to maths and physics as well. The biochemistry major courses will be mostly related to:

  • Molecular biology.
  • Inorganic chemistry.
  • Organic chemistry.

Biomedical Engineering

You will study many science courses in this major. It will help you learn how engineering and technology play an important role in improving medical care.

Many individuals interested in biomedical engineering choose biomedical engineering as their major field. This discipline encompasses studying various devices and technological innovations related to biomedicine such as diagnostic devices, heart monitors and equipment that facilitates organ creation.

On the other hand, this major can give you access to hands-on knowledge of tools used by physicians and healthcare practitioners. Your courses in this major will encompass:

  • Regenerative engineering and biomaterials.
  • Instrumentation and medical devices.
  • Molecular engineering and cells.


If you are interested in studying human behavior and want to help people who deal with different mental issues, then this major is for you.

As a professional psychologist, you are supposed to help people who deal with depression, mental fatigue, stress, and other similar issues daily. This major will help you adopt the humanistic approach and also help you to develop skills like empathy, critical thinking, and communication.

Apart from the core psychology courses, you will also study general math, science, and English courses. You will study courses in this major that will be related to:

  • Behavioral neuroscience.
  • Clinical psychology.
  • Cognitive neuroscience.
  • Forensic psychology.
  • General psychology.
  • Abnormal psychology.
  • Social psychology.
  • Psychological disorders.

Public Health

This major mostly focuses on the health of the whole population or community rather than prioritizing a single patient. The courses that you will study will mostly be based on the latest healthcare trends, statistics, and preventive measures. It will help you to promote good health.

Some primary courses for public health degree include:

  • Global health.
  • Generalist public health.
  • Public health practices.
  • Occupational health management.
  • Community health practice.

Medical Billing

If you are interested in taking an administrative role in the healthcare landscape, then medical billing and coding will be the right major for you.

Every healthcare institute has to manage its electronic records related to patient’s medical history. It is crucial to keep this information organized as it can impact the treatment.

This data contains different codes which are used to indicate the specific procedures. Furthermore, these codes are also used for insurance and billing purpose.

In this major, you will study courses related to:

  • Data analysis.
  • Privacy laws.
  • Healthcare tools and software.
  • Health insurance.
  • Revenue cycle management.

Nutrition and Dietetics

This major solely makes students eligible to help people who want to remain in perfect physical shape by making the right food choices. You will learn how to counsel people and work with individuals with diverse needs.

You are supposed to assess the body type of each individual and make food recommendations accordingly. The whole purpose of doing this is to help people to live a healthy life. The courses in this major can include.

  • Foodservice systems.
  • Nutrition sciences and food.
  • Communication and sociology.


To choose the right healthcare major, you must be clear about your area of interest. It will save you effort and time and help you to make the right career choice for which you are passionate. Eventually, you will be able to put in the right effort accordingly with more interest, which will lead to professional success.

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