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Holistic Approaches to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Holistic Approaches to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

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Lowering your blood pressure doesn’t have to be something that is difficult to do.  It takes little habits that build up over a length of time to help decrease your blood pressure: it is not something that happens overnight.

You may want it to happen overnight especially after that visit to the doctor where you first find out that your blood pressure is too high.

But with time and effort, you can decrease your blood pressure to a more manageable level.  Please note that if you have the genes that cause high blood pressure it may take more than including a few new habits.


Sounds counterintuitive, right?

Well, studies show that increasing the amount of exercise you do is going to increase the strength of your heart.  Increase the strength of your heart and then it won’t have as hard of a time getting the same volume of blood around your body.

But it’s not just that.  Although you may hate the gym, exercise is a form of stress relief that helps calm the body down.  If you have anxiety, the gym is a great place to go because you can put that anxious energy towards working out and moving around.

As a result, not only are you making your heart stronger you are also decreasing your overall heart rate by decreasing your anxiety.  Two birds, one stone my friend!

Take Relaxing, Cool Showers or Baths

If you have high blood pressure, super hot baths and showers aren’t the best idea.  tHey can actually cause your blood pressure to go higher rather than lower which is the goal here.

Instead, taking cool and relaxing showers with self-care added in can help decrease your blood pressure thanks to a decrease in stress.  If you practice deep breathing while also in the shower, this is a double whammy because your body is going to relax muscularly and tension will start to melt away.

Go for a Walk

Ever seen those memes that talk about “Going on a stupid walk for my stupid health”? Well, they aren’t far off.  Walking has multiple benefits both indoors and out.  When outside, you are able to get into the sunlight and help with mental health issues.

When you walk either inside or outside, you’re helping increase your heart rate to build a stronger heart.  Remember what was mentioned in exercising? The stronger your heart is, the easier it is for your heart to pump the same volume of blood around your body at a slower rate.

This isn’t the only reason that going on a walk is a great idea for you.  Going on a walk can help decrease stress and get your body moving.  Again, we come back to stress management.

In fact, many high blood pressure problems are due to issues with stress management!

Take CBD or THC-V Products

CBD has been shown to decrease blood pressure by relaxing the body and the same can be said for THC-V.  Both help the physically relax and take a moment rather than rush around.

I would say this is more so for those who are dealing with high levels of stress or anxiety.  If you are constantly tense, then these two might also be something for you.

A great source of THC-V is HIBEGONE while you can find many different sources of CBD at low dosages that will help decrease your blood pressure.

Work on Losing Weight

One of the best ways to help yourself in many situations is to work on losing weight if that is something that your doctor suggests.  If that is the case, then lowering your weight is going to help take stress off of your heart.

A way you can start losing weight is by eating more healthily.  This will help decrease the amount of empty calories that you are eating.

Empty calories come from foods that don’t have a lot of nutrition to them.  For example, chips and fast food are a big source of empty calories.

The first approach talked about, exercise, is also a great way to lose weight if you aren’t already an active person.  If you tend to have a sedentary lifestyle then it is important to change up that habit and get yourself to the gym or go for walks to help reduce your weight.

Last Words

There are many ways to decrease your blood pressure and these are only a few of the ways!  Remember that a lot has to deal with stress management and weight management.  Both weight and mental stress add physical stress to your heart which is what causes it to work harder and harder.

CBD and THC-V are great sources of temporary relief, but these aren’t going to help in the long run unless you are taking them every day.  Go for the options that are going to be long lasting and practice self-care.  Those are the best holistic ways to lower your blood pressure naturally.

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