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CBD Oil Boxes

Level-up your packaging with our custom CBD boxes

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Packaging standards and styles for hemp oil boxes and CBD oil boxes in old days were simple and irrelevant. It was easy when people don’t give much importance to packaging while delivering products through the mail was easy. With the introduction of more and more media and communication channels, people have become more aware.

The branding and marketing era has boomed many factors that retailers and manufacturers have started considering more carefully.

Focused packaging of products like hemp oil and CBD oil is an ideal way to feel your consumer more important and unique. Perfection to this process may create wonders for your brand and boost sales.

Designing and making CBD oil boxes and hemp oil boxes with a sophisticated process is an art that needs time to master. Having said that, there are some common standard features by keeping in mind you can also make them for your brand.

Sustainable material for long-term value:

Materials are arguably the most important elements of CBD oil boxes and hemp oil boxes. The protection and safety of products are a basic necessity that every packaging should meet at any cost.

Getting sustainable material at a low cost with the highest quality is a challenge for all. Despite many offerings from different suppliers, hard to find the right option. Our packaging experts at Urgent Boxes can guide and support you to solve your problem.

You can find the below options of suitable materials to resolve your different needs for various situations;

  • Card stock CBD oil and hemp oil boxes
  • Cardboard packaging material
  • Kraft Paper for boxes
  • Corrugated e-flute

These materials are open to use for any situation and need but with pros and cons. Ideally, you should use corrugated and cardboard material for inland shipping and kraft for designing.

If you want to ship at external ports, corrugated e-flute and rigid material are the right choices for you.

Optimizable custom designs with add-ons and coating:

The competitive world of any industry around is facing tough challenges and competition. To excel and create your place is hard nowadays.

Changeable designs of hemp oil boxes and CBD oil boxes are an ideal and cheap way to look different from your competitor.

Choosing different options from available customization including, material, add-ons, and coating is compulsory. With specific personalization items like

  • Gloss
  • UV Spot
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Engraving

Many others can help you to make your Cardboard Cigarette Boxes look different. You can learn about all available options on your own or may get the help and support of an experienced packaging supplier.

Good quality colors and advanced printing techniques:

Marketing channels together with a cluster of communication channels including social media have created massive awareness. Hemp and CBD producing companies as well as consumers are influenced by high-class packaging and colors.

Choosing advanced custom printing techniques like the following can make your packaging attractive and high-class.

  1. Digital Printing
  2. Off-set Printing

You need to be well aware of all the pros and cons of using the above-mentioned printing techniques. Choosing the right technique for the right situation and need can outshine the competition.

Although, if you are not willing to spend much time learning, you can search for expert packaging suppliers like Urgent boxes. Vast industry experience makes us the ideal choice to solve all your packaging-related issues.

Wholesale hemp oil boxes within your budget:

Many small-scale companies who are struggling with their financials may feel it hard to get high-class hemp oil boxes and CBD oil boxes. They either use no packaging or use low-cost, low-quality packaging. Remember that, as a new or small brand, you only have one chance to impress your target consumers. You may lose them completely while offering your articles in bad packaging.

Hemp oil boxes and CBD oil boxes with wholesale options can save you a lot of financial resources without compromising on quality. By going with this option, now you can order your desired quantity of packaging at a reasonable cost and at huge discounts.


We have seen how hemp oil boxes and CBD oil boxes can blossom your brand awareness and sales simultaneously. We also understand all the required features and processes that are compulsory to achieve ideal boxes for your articles.

By following the standard and practical approach and process, you can quickly enable to attract new markets and audiences for your brand. By focusing on key factors, you can target the right market and consumers. With various customizations, you can quickly check the results and fine-tune your packaging accordingly.

Perfectly designed hemp oil boxes and CBD oil boxes can take some time to come true and if you want quick results then you need an expert packaging supplier.

Urgent boxes are the right packaging supplier that has the vast industry experience and can reduce the time, effort, and resources to achieve goals early.




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