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Hiring The Right React Native Development Company: 8 Tip - Endeavour Articles

Hiring The Right React Native Development Company: 8 Tip

Table of Contents

React Native is a popular cross-platform app development framework that is used to build mobile applications for different operating systems. It is the second most used cross-platform framework according to the 2021 developer survey.  So, if you are thinking of using React Native to build a mobile app for your business success? This blog is just for you!

Being a newbie entrepreneur in the world of mobile app development with zero ideas upon hiring a React Native developer for the project, you do need a thorough guide with accurate tips and tricks to help you claim your expected business approach. 

Here is a detailed guide that you can follow to hire the best React Native app development company for your next project. 

First, let’s have a brief overview of React Native!

Quick Overview of React Native App Development: 

Launched by Facebook in 2015, React Native is a popular JavaScript-based framework for mobile apps. It is used to build mobile applications for different operating systems such as Android and iOS by utilizing a single codebase. 

Many big tech companies worldwide are using React Native’s innovative features to build mobile applications for their respective brands. For instance, Instagram, UberEats, Walmart, and there are many more on the list. 

Now before you start the hiring process, here are some of the key skills that you can look out for in a reliable developer.  

Key Skills That You Should Look out for Before Hiring a React Native Developer

  • Expertise in JavaScript

Good knowledge of JavaScript is very important for React Native developers as it is the primary language used for React Native app development. They should have experience in creating components, constructing logic, and understanding the code flow. 

  • Writing Clear Code

The code written by the developers should be consistent and readable so that they can maintain the app and make improvements in the future. So make sure the developers you hire should have such a skill set. 

  • Expertise In Android & iOS Development

React Native app developers should understand the distinction between Android and iOS app development to create an app that will run on both devices seamlessly. 

Tips To Hire The Right React Native App Development Company

  • Determine Your Scope of Work

Hiring the right React Native app development company is very crucial to your business success. 

Firstly, you should determine your goal and what kind of app you want by doing multiple research. After this when you get the evidence that your idea is worth investing in, you can move on with the further process. 

  • Checking Their Portfolio

When it comes to selecting an app development company, every business out there wants the best for its success and fame. That’s why checking the portfolio is very important in making this decision. 

This will help you in many aspects such as what kind of projects that particular company has done previously, what is their success rate and many more. Additionally, you should also check what their previous clients want to say about their work. 

  • Find the Right Balance Between Soft Skills & Hard Skills

When choosing the right React Native developers, you should evaluate their both soft skills and hard skills. 

Hard skills are specific knowledge and abilities that a person owns. In the case of React Native, hard skills include proficiency with JavaScript and experience with specific APIs. 

According to a study by LinkedIn, 57% of employers preferred soft skills over hard skills. Now, what are soft skills? Basically, soft skills are something that characterizes a person’s relationship and behaviour with other people.

So,  finding the right balance between personal qualities and knowledge is very important. 

Although there are no strict rules for selecting the right developer, they should be skilled enough in React Native app development and be cooperative enough to work with other team members. 

  • Know Their Adaptability

A reliable developer will always be ready to adapt to new things and changes according to the latest demands in technology. That’s why they should have some extraordinary skills to stay up to date with modern trends and do something unique and prominent from others. 

  • After-development Services

Developing an app does not end with the final delivery of the final product. It is very important to ensure its reliable functioning through continued support and maintenance. So, always look for professionals that provide reliable after-development services. 

  • Set The Budget

Once you have set your budget, you should communicate with your React Native development company to work on the project according to your specified budget. 

There are many factors that will be included such as cost, the convenience of use, and so on. 

  • Transparency

Company transparency plays a very important role in the whole process of app development. There should be transparent communication between the client and the respective company about all the major points which will be there on the project. 

Additionally, go for an agile methodology to establish transparent communication and to develop the application seamlessly. 

  • Know Their Willingness

Last but not least, knowing the willingness of the company with whom you are collaborating in the future is very important because trends in technology are constantly changing. 

Other Options For Hiring React Native Developers

Along with hiring an in-house app development company, there are several other alternatives available that you can use to hire React Native developers. So these options are freelancing and outsourcing. Now let’s take a closer look at each of them. 

  • Freelancing

Hiring freelance developers is the best option for those businesses that are looking for one-time employees. You can easily find freelance developers via online platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer. Although this option is not recommended for big projects. 

  • Outsourcing

If you need to get the job done and don’t want to be involved fully in the mobile app development process, then outsourcing is probably the best option. So, you can reach out to your preferred app development company and they will provide you with the developers that perfectly match your requirements and expectations. 

Wrapping Up!

To conclude, if you are thinking of using React Native for your next app development project, then you are on the right track. As this framework comes with a lot of advantages and functionalities that can be used in many aspects. So, what are you waiting for? 

Leverage this framework’s features now and follow this guide thoroughly to find the right React Native app development company for your next project. 

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