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How To Access the Quality of Machine Translations - Dream Team Promos

How To Access the Quality of Machine Translations?

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With the growing need for professional translations, the use of machine translation tools is also increasing. Businesses are looking for more efficient and smart ways to meet translation needs. Machine translation tools are quite helpful in this matter because they offer quick translation in the fastest turnaround time. However, the quality of translations generated by a professional machine translation management system is considerable for global businesses.  

Machine translations do provide quick translation outcomes but the quality is not always up to the market. Especially, translated documents that are sensitive to cultural nuances may lose track of the context when translated by an MT tool. So, businesses need to figure out how they can access the quality of machine translations.

Machine Translation – Overview 

These are the automated translations generated by some machine translation tools. MT tools use advanced algorithms to generate quick translations from one language to another. You can use paid or open-source MT engines as per your translation needs and the technicalities of the content you want to translate. Some MT tools are built for a specific industry only, and some provide general translations for all sorts of data. Similarly, the language pairs a machine translation tools support may also vary. You may also have a built-in MT tool in your translation project management platform.  

Quality Issues with Machine Translation

Managing the quality of translation is a major concern while using machine translation tools. When you use an MT tool for translation, there is a high chance that the machine may misinterpret the intent of your message or ignore the cultural nuances. Moreover, machines are also not able to process human emotions, which is again a major drawback that prevents the machine from translating emotions into another language.

To avoid such issues, you need to give some human touch to your translations. Professional linguists can help you detect contextual errors in your translation and make them more relevant to the target audiences.

How To Access the Quality of Machine Translation?

When it comes to access the quality of machine translation, there are two common methods to do it: manual quality assessment and automated quality assessment.

Automated Quality Assessment 

In this quality assessment, you put your translated document in a quality assurance tool to check the quality of your translations. The QA tool evaluates the overall translation score considering sentence errors, word count, and contextual relevance. However, automated quality assurance is not that perfect. There are still chances that some errors will remain undetected by the machine tool. Automation quality assessments are quick and cost-effective; it is an ideal option if you have to review plenty of translated documents on a daily basis.

Manual Quality Assessment 

The second approach is manual quality assessment, in which you hire professional linguists to proofread, review and edit your documents. There is no use of any technological tools in the process and you do the whole assessment manually. It is indeed a more reliable way to evaluate and improve the quality of your translation documents.

Professional translators like for the accuracy and grammatical correctness of your content, as well as they also assess how good are the translations keeping in mind the context of the original text. Manual quality assessment is more time-consuming and costly than automated assessment.

Machine Translation Post Editing for Quality Assurance

It is a famous approach used by most businesses to translate their content into other languages faster and more cost-effectively. In this method, your content is first translated by a machine translation tool, and once the translation is done a professional translator reviews and edits the content. Machine translation tools combined with human expertise bring more speed, efficiency, and quality to your translation documents. So, you don’t really have to worry about fluency, accuracy, and delays. Machine translation and posting editing is also a more cost-effective approach to managing the daily translation workload.

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To sum up the whole discussion, you have to be very careful about the translation quality when using a machine translation tool. There are many ways you can assess the quality of your documents based on the nature of the content you are translating and your allocated translation budget. You can also use a translation project management platform, where you can integrate MT tools and get on board linguists to work hand in hand with modern technology through one single platform.

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