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POE 3.24 Necropolis League

This New Elemental Hit Deadeye With High DPS Is Worth Trying In POE 3.24 Necropolis League!

Table of Contents

This build guide delves into the Elemental Hit of the Spectrum for Deadeyes in Path of Exile 3.24. With the changes introduced in the Necropolis League, Tornado Shot is no longer the primary bow attack for Deadeyes, making Elemental Hit of the Spectrum a viable successor.

This attack seamlessly integrates fire, cold, and lightning damage into attacks, amplifying Elemental damage based on the number of Elemental ailments inflicted on the enemy. It presents an efficient strategy for boosting DPS in hit-based builds.


It’s totally doable to rely entirely on rare items for this build. However, the benefits offered by Hyrri’s Truth and The Taming are too substantial to overlook. For jewels, prioritizing Lethal Pride and The Interrogation is recommended.

While the other unique items mentioned can serve as lower cost alternatives to POE Currency, they still provide satisfactory performance.

Unique Items

Devoto’s Devotion has a lot of movement speed, attack speed, and even some chaos resistance with dexterity. This helmet is only suitable for players who are willing to die often, as it doesn’t have any maximum life or Elemental resistances.

Starkonja’s Head is another cheap helmet with tons of dexterity, maximum life, and even some attack speed with crit chance. It increases your evasion and reduces damage when below 50% of the maximum life.

Ahuana’s Bite has no maximum life but grants cold damage, cold resistance, and Life Gain on Hit. It also causes enemies to take increased damage if you can chill them, not by using Summon Skitterbots, so use it only if you don’t run Secrets of Suffering yet.

Hyrri’s Ire adds a lot of cold damage to attacks and has tons of spell suppression chance. It lacks maximum life or any resistances, so a good rare armor is probably better, especially as you can cap your suppression easily.

Unique Items

The Hyrri’s Truth is the best amulet. With its Precision, you won’t need accuracy on your other POE Items anymore. It also has a lot of critical strike multiplier and Culling Strike, very efficient in this build.

The Taming is a very fitting piece of jewelry as well, on account of its large quantities of Elemental resistance and increased Elemental damage.

Lethal Pride single-handedly solves all your strength issues. You have tons of passives tightly clustered around the further notable.

If you kill bosses quickly and want to map even faster, we recommend the Death Rush ring. Adrenaline provides reduction in physical damage, as well as increased damage, movement, and attack speed. It might not be the best choice if you want to run maps with challenging bosses and enough Divine orbs.

Rare Items

You’ll need capped resistances, around 4k of maximum life, high evasion rating, and a 100% suppress chance to have a good chance of survival on a regular T16 map. Damage is sourced from added Elemental damage of all types and critical strikes.

On a helmet, seek maximum life, resistances, and spell suppression. Accuracy should not be needed. For the elder mods, get reservation efficiency and reduced mana cost of attacks.

Get a bow with added fire, cold, and lightning damage combined with attack speed. You can then seek other damage-oriented mods in the Path of Exile 3.24.

Feathered Arrow Quiver should be your first choice. Seek maximum life, attack speed, added Elemental damage, and critical strike modifiers.

Rare Items

For boots, you will need maximum life and movement speed. Suppression and resistances might be required. For one of the elder mods, get increased action speed.

On the gloves, besides the usual life, resistances, and suppression, you can get attack speed and additional Elemental damage. For the elder mods, get some kind of Elemental Exposure on Hit and Rage on Hit.


Prepare a Life Flask with bleed-immunity. Then obtain a Diamond Flask. If using regular Frenzy, acquire a Silver Flask. If using Frenzy of Onslaught, opt for a Quicksilver Flask. Obtain a Jade Flask or Quartz Flask if suppression is not capped. If chaos resistance is low, get an Amethyst Flask. Otherwise, choose a Stibnite Flask and buy POE Currency in advance.

These flasks of POE 3.24 should increase your critical strike chance, attack speed, movement speed, and evasion rating with their suffixes.

Skill Gems Setup

Elemental Hit of the Spectrum deals Elemental damage of all types and 15% more damage per Elemental ailment on an enemy. Link it with Mirage Archer, Trinity, Returning Projectiles, Inspiration, and Elemental Damage with Attacks support gems.

Bow Attacks linked with Manaforged Arrows are triggered after spending enough mana on other Bow Attacks. Blast Rain fires many arrows. Link these 2 with Life Tap and Concentrated Effect support gems.

Skill Gems Setup

Your second Manaforged Arrows setup consists of Ensnaring Arrow and Frenzy. Frenzy of Onslaught consumes Frenzy Charges and grants Onslaught for 1 second per charge consumed. Ensnaring Arrow snares the enemy up to 3 times. Link these with Power Charge On Critical for power charges.

Enemy marked with Sniper’s Mark receives increased projectile damage. Projectiles colliding with them split on impact. Link it with Mark on Hit support. The curse is now applied automatically on attack hit against enemies.

Grace adds more and increases the evasion rating. Vaal Haste is a temporary aura for increased attack and movement speed. Use Precision to increase your critical strike chance and for additional accuracy rating. It should be obtained from the Hyrri’s Truth.

Passive Tree

For the skill tree, it aims to gather bow damage, projectile nodes, critical strike, attack speed, Elemental damage, spell suppression, maximum life, reservation efficiency, and evasion. Remember to allocate Mark the Prey notable, missing accuracy from Acuity, some flask passives, and leech.

Passive Tree

For masteries, get 50 extra life as Life Mastery, 10% chance to gain Frenzy Charge on Hit as Mark Mastery, 10% of leech is instant as Leech Mastery, projectile speed to affect projectile damage as Bow Mastery, conditional 15% chance to suppress spell damage as Evasion Mastery, 25% chance to treat Elemental resistances as inverted as Elemental Mastery, and 25% crit multiplier against bosses as Critical Mastery.

Bandits & Pantheon

Kill all 3 bandits in Act 2 to gain 2 additional skill points. The Brine King is your major god, offering Freeze immunity, reducing the effect of Chill, and preventing consecutive stuns. Abberath serves as a beneficial minor god, decreasing the ignite duration. Soul of Garukhan is also a viable option if being ignited isn’t a concern.

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