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Beat the Heat without an Air Conditioner

Tips to Beat the Heat without an Air Conditioner

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Who doesn’t want air conditioning in a country with a hot and humid climate? Ever since the pandemic, climate conditions have evolved too. Summer is prolonged, and so people find it really hard to step outside in the scorching heat. However, there are others who are unable to afford air conditioners due to electricity bills. 

But when it comes to constructing your first home, you want the best location. Say you bought the DHA Bahawalpur plot for sale and built your dream house. You want to install all the modern fixtures, but what good is installing state-of-the-art appliances when you are unable to use them because of a price hike? At this point, you have to improvise. 

Instead of spending days sweating in your new home, discover new ways to compete with heat. There are still easy tricks up on our sleeves you can use to keep your house in the heat. 

1- Fans are incredible 

Stand fans and ceiling fans are the most common electronic item used in domestic households. In the mild season, they keep the house cool enough to not turn on the AC. fans are cost-effective solutions, however, the air circulation matters the most. 

To benefit from using fans, here’s what you can do. 

Strategize ceiling fan movements

You can always change the direction of ceiling fans. All you need to do is make sure they run counterclockwise to circulate cool air in the summer heat! A ceiling fan that rotates clockwise pushes warm air down. 

Smart fan placement 

Where should you place a fan on the ceiling? Is it a roof fan or a sidewall style? When thinking about making the room airier, consider the fan placement. If you have a window in the room, make sure it is facing inwards to help blow out the hot air outward. 

Corner fans 

Instead of using ceiling fans, maybe you can try tower fans. These are tall and slim, helpful to cool down a room pretty quickly. They swing from left to right with controllable rotations.

Use of ice 

It’s a DIY trick for DIYers who want to experiment with ice and fans. A budget-friendly AC hack is to put a bowl of ice in front of the fan. The breeze is cooler this way. Just make sure the bowl underneath is covered with a towel to protect floors from condensation. 

2- The window trick is easy 

The more windows in a house, the better. Although windows are considered to be the silent culprit to raise the temperature, if placed strategically, they also have a cooling effect. Take in the following tricks about windows. 

Use blackout curtains

They may not seem the right choice in a household, but you’d be surprised how much heat blackout curtains keep away. Especially at the sun’s peak hours, it helps keep the heat at bay without any AC on. 

Keep doors shut 

In case you do not have air conditioning, do not open all the windows and doors. The popular belief is to do just the same, but the fact is you are welcoming more heat and humidity indoors. Close the doors to the room you are not using to saturate the temperature. 

Open windows at night

At night the temperature is way better. Windows should be kept open at night to let in the cool night air as much as possible. It will create a nice breezy space indoors in pleasant weather. 

3- Be careful with the lights

Sadly, most people do not know that lights are another culprit in increasing room temperature. The type of light fixtures installed can increase the heat! Here’s what you need to do. 

Turn off the lights

It’s a pretty obvious trick, but people forget or ignore this more often. To save on electricity bills and reduce heat, you need to turn off excess lights. Even if using eco-friendly bulbs like LEDs radiate a specific amount of energy however it is less as compared to other types of lights. 

Lighter colors decor 

When it comes to the cooling effect, eco-friendly lights sometimes can be a concern for those with weak eyesight. It is recommended to use lighter paint walls where you prefer to use LED bulbs. The light color doesn’t reflect much, thus keeping the space cooler in return.

Follow these simple and basic tips to keep your house cool. If you have ever tried some other tricks let us know! 

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