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Ellipsis Drive - for Shareable Spatial Data

Ellipsis Drive – for Shareable Spatial Data

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For spatial data such as satellite images, drone images, thermal images, etc., the Dutch tech startup Ellipsis Drive has developed the first fully interoperable drive in the world. Think of it as a tool for managing and sharing map-related data, similar to Google Drive for managing and sharing text documents and spreadsheets.

The state of things

As it stands, Ellipsis Drive is completely unlike anything else on the market. At the moment, businesses make do with basic interfaces like APIs, file transfer protocols (FTP), and Amazon Web Services (S3) buckets. In contrast to the current state of affairs, Ellipsis Drive introduces true interoperability by catering to all endpoints preferred by various professional groups and acting as a connecting link between spatial data products and the requirements of consumers.

Background on the inception of the company

Rosalie van der Maas, the young and vivacious CEO and Co-Founder of Ellipsis Drive, is an inspiration in every sense of the word. In just a few short years, Daniel van der Maas, her brother and now Co-Founder, has taken an idea they had for Ellipsis Drive, the world’s first drive for spatial data, from the drawing board to the forefront of the tech industry.

The vision was inspired by enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and, most of all, the will to change the world. Investors, industry titans, newspapers, startup forums, and summits have all praised her team’s efforts and achievements. Although Ellipsis Drive has already accomplished much, it is really just getting started.

An Answer

With Ellipsis Drive, you can automatically transform large and time-consuming spatial files into stunning, interactive maps. The data is made available on the drive in a format that allows for simultaneous access by multiple parties, facilitating productive collaboration. All the features you’d expect from a standard storage medium are present: versioning, link sharing, permissions administration, etc.

Since Ellipsis Drive is hosted in the cloud, there’s no need to transfer large spatial files or worry about them being lost. The current norm, if I may so, is that. Or do you watch Netflix without actually having the app on your device?

This adaptability is what really separates Ellipsis Drive from the competition. It’s a supplementary and improved method of integrating and consuming spatial data over standard methods of data sharing.

The goal of Ellipsis Drive is to eliminate this issue and “democratize” spatial data, making it possible for anyone with an internet connection and a web browser to share, view, and use spatial data.

Collective Identity

Established in The Netherlands, Ellipsis Drive is staffed by twenty young, enthusiastic, and globally diverse (Australia, India, Europe, USA, South Africa) professionals. With such impressive growth, the company is poised for success in its next round of funding in 2023.

Quote from the company’s founder

“With a well-scoped product and, most importantly, our highly dedicated team, we are thrilled to be making spatial data accessible to everyone,” the company’s CEO said.

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