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Creative Ways to Use Challenge Coins

Creative Ways to Use Challenge Coins

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Whether engraved with a decoder ring or have spinning or gyroscopic elements, custom challenge coins add a touch of tactile appeal. They also spark conversations, leading to new connections and relationships.

It’s common to see service members with extensive collections of their own. However, knowing the etiquette when using challenge coins is essential:


Custom challenge coins can be an excellent way to thank employees, volunteers and community members for outstanding work they’ve completed. They’re also great ways to mark special milestones like anniversaries or retirements while celebrating workplace successes and building team spirit.

Traditionally, challenge coins have been worn by the military to inspire a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie amongst members of an elite unit. However, they have been adopted by civilian organizations as well. This includes police departments, fire departments, and fraternal groups. Participants in recovery programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, can receive these as tokens of their sobriety achievements.

While challenge coins are traditionally round, they can be made in various shapes and sizes. They can even be designed with a unique background texture that makes them feel different from your average coin. Increasing the thickness of your coin will add weight and create a more impressive look. Hinged coins are another great option, as they can double the surface area to work within your design.

Recognition of Commitment

There is no more distinguished way to show someone you appreciate them than with a challenge coin. These custom coins are given for many reasons, including being a military or law enforcement member, attending an event, achieving something extraordinary, or even meeting a high-ranking officer. They are never given lightly, and each has a special meaning. As such, they are treasured by those who receive them.

In addition to military units, police departments, and businesses, challenge coins are also used by sports teams, fraternal groups, and recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. They are a great way to promote an organization or group and build community.

While most challenge coins are round, they can be created in any shape. This allows them to stand out and be recognized for their unique design and story. They can be shaped like planes, helicopters, or cars and feature intricate grooves or cut-out images to create dynamic designs. They are perfect for promoting a company or group and can help them stand out at trade shows, job fairs, and other events.

Recognition of Achievement

If you grew up with military or first responder parents, you probably know about challenge coins. They’re a long-standing tradition in the military but are gaining popularity in the civilian world. When ribbons and trophies aren’t enough, a unique challenge coin might be just what your team needs to boost morale and inspire camaraderie.

Challenge coins can be custom-designed with various colors, edge shapes, and even 3D relief. This adds a level of detail that is sure to impress, and it can be the difference between someone keeping their coin on their desk versus throwing it in the trash.

Many companies and organizations use challenge coins to recognize employees for a well-done job. This can be a great way to encourage and maintain performance and productivity, especially when quotas are set. For extra fun, consider creating a spinner coin or one with gyroscopic elements that interest people. This can be a great conversation starter and may lead to new opportunities for your business.

Recognition of Service

When a person or group has gone above and beyond the call of duty, it is essential to show their appreciation. Ribbons, plaques, and medals are standard awards for those who have done exceptional work. But a challenge coin, which can have special designs on both sides and be unique to each individual, is a more personal gift.

One of the first known challenges coins was reportedly created by an American Air Force pilot during WWI. He wore his in a pouch around his neck, and when captured by German soldiers, he could escape by showing them the coin. This proved that he was a unit member and, thus, not a spy.

Many groups and organizations also use challenge coins to recognize their employees for years of service. These are a great way to reward long-term staff and help to build loyalty. Some companies even pair their service awards with experiential gifts like lunch at a trendy restaurant or a free vacation. These are far more memorable than a physical award and will be remembered by recipients for years.

Recognition of Teamwork

Many people use challenge coins to inspire a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie. This same concept can help strengthen your team in the workplace. For example, you might challenge your team to a drinking game in which anyone without a coin buys drinks for everyone else. This is a great way to reward your employees’ hard work while encouraging them to stay motivated and focused.

Make your challenge coin truly stand out by adding unique details such as spinner elements or gyroscopic designs that add excitement. Additionally, select from various finishes such as glittering, glow-in-the-dark effects or epoxy coating for additional flair.

Are you in need of custom challenge coins for your organization? Reach out to Challenge Coins Limited now, where their experts can assist with designing one to fit. They offer soft and hard enamels as well as translucent enamels, matte surfaces and glow-in-the-dark options to meet any design need.

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