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7 Benefits of a Retractable Screen Door

Table of Contents

Retractable screen doors are a fantastic invention. Designed to allow freedom for your pets, get fresh air, and not worry about insects entering. But what are the benefits of owning one (or multiple)? Read on to find out:

Benefit #1 of a Retractable Screen Door: Ease of installation

Unlike a “standard” screen door that has to be meticulously measured to ensure it fits in the opening, mesh screen doors are adaptable. If the screen is too big, you must fold or roll it under to resize. The installation is easier too. Tack up with Velcro and some nails or screws, depending on what surface you’re installing it on (wood, aluminum, or vinyl), and you’re done. The only nit-picky thing you need to worry about is ensuring the magnets are aligned, and the bottom of the retractable screen door isn’t too close to the ground.

Benefit #2 of a Retractable Screen Door: It Gives You Fresh Air  

There are times you may wish to get fresh air, but

  • You’re unable to go outside
  • It’s raining or windy
  • You don’t want your door to be open
  • You need to get fresh air in without letting insects in
  • You burned something and need to clear out the smoke
  • You want to air out the house in the winter to get rid of “cold” germs

What are some benefits of fresh air? 

  1. It helps with the digestive system, potentially helping you lose weight
  2. It helps to improve your blood pressure and heart rate
  3. It helps increase serotonin levels
  4. It strengthens your immune system
  5.  It cleans your lungs by getting rid of toxins
  6. It gives you more energy
  7. It can increase mental clarity
  8. It can help stabilize your mood
  9. It can help you sleep better and more soundly
  10. It can help with respiratory ailments, such as asthma

Benefit #3 of a Retractable Screen Door:
It Gives Your Pets Freedom 

Instead of hopping up every few minutes to let your pet out and in, you can let them come and go as they please. Just make sure that they can’t escape from your backyard or balcony if that’s where the retractable screen door leads.

Benefit #4 of a Retractable Screen Door: Fewer Insects 

A retractable screen door won’t eliminate insects from entering, but it will slow them from entering your place. Because retractable screen doors close behind those using the screen doors from entering and leaving, the insects have less chance to come in and harass you.

Think a few insects can’t cause problems? Think again. They can:

  1. Cause nuisance in the form of buzzing, thus affecting productivity and the ability to sleep and potentially hindering sight of those they fly around.
  2. Cause pain by biting or stinging their victims. Even if you’re not particularly allergic to mosquito bites that cause itching, bees, wasps, and hornet stings are another matter entirely. Too many stings can cause a visit to the emergency room.
  3. Ruin food by consuming it or making it unfit for humans to eat.
  4. Damage clothing by eating holes in it, making them uncomfortable to wear, or allowing them to be carried elsewhere.
  5. Insects can cause or spread disease. Biting insects such as mosquitoes cause malaria, river blindness or onchocerciasis, and sleeping sickness. Furthermore, some people may be hypersensitive to insect bites causing asthma.
  6. Kill plants by eating them. Your decorative plant could be on the insect’s menu.
  7. Destruction of Infrastructure. Termites may burrow into wood, causing structural damage.

Benefit #5 of a Retractable Screen Door:
More Visibility & Sociability 

You can install retractable screen doors inside your apartment facing the hallway. If everyone in the complex has them installed, instead of knocking, your neighbors would know when others don’t mind company because the retractable screen door allows them to enter. Furthermore, it will enable you to see and hear what’s happening outside without actually being outside. Also, if you’re in a safe neighborhood and don’t want to lock your apartment, you can get your mail or deliveries and come back. Because the door closing sound is unique, you’d be able to tell if someone entered your apartment.

Benefit #6 of a Retractable Screen Door:
Self-Closing Mechanism

If your hands are full while entering or exiting the door, you don’t have to worry about needing to close the door behind you, as it’ll snap shut as soon as you’re through. Also, retractable screen doors don’t need to be completely open to allow small children and pets through.

Benefit #7 of a Retractable Screen Door: Anyone Can Use It 

Anyone can use a retractable screen door on the house for an apartment, camper, or an RV.

Retractable Screen Door Details 

Color & Material: Black, Polyester Mesh

Dimension, Fits, & Weight: 11” X 15.25” X 2”Fits all doors 38” X 82” 0.65 lbs. / 10.4 oz.

MSRP: $21.95 w/ free returns. Order two (2) to get free S & H

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