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Lash Extension

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Lash Extension Supplies

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Eyelash extensions and artificial lashes are excellent ways to enhance your appearance. Strip lashes and individual lashes can both be used to get the desired effect. Because each customer has their own set of requirements, you may need to adjust your strategy from time to time. To provide excellent service to your customers, you’ll need to obtain the proper lash extension supplies and perfect the application procedure.

There is a wide range of equipment and solutions for improving the appearance, style, and longevity of lashes. Furthermore, employing the proper procedures and lash extension supplies guarantees that the lash extension procedure is completed successfully and in a timely manner. It will also make the procedure go more smoothly if you keep yourself updated.

Here are five things to consider while shopping for lash extension supplies to ensure that they last as long as possible while causing the least amount of discomfort.

Choose the Right Curl For Lash Extension Supplies

Consider the client’s aesthetic and design goals, as well as their eye shape. For instance, some people prefer dramatic lashes, while others prefer natural lashes. Also, explain to them how different curls work and how long they can keep them. A heavy curled set of lashes, for example, will not last long since there is little base to connect them to.

As a result, it’s best to think about your natural lash curl when choosing the proper thickness combination. I curl for straight lashes; C and J curl for a natural look, B curl for an extra lift, and L curl for an eyelid lift are all options. Furthermore, a CC curl can be used for a dramatic lift with a more extreme curl.

Right Thickness of Lashes

Consider the natural thickness of the client’s lash while choosing the proper lash diameter. Regardless of the pattern or curl, the appropriate diameter is critical in deciding the final look of the lashes. Some clients, for example, may prefer 0.20 thicknesses.

While others may find it too heavy for their natural lash condition. Since a result, take your time choosing on the thickness, as a poor decision could result in premature falling and poor curl.

Select a Complementary Length

When it comes to lash length, you have a choice of 5 mm to 20 mm. Longer lashes may be requested by some clients, but it is vital to consider their natural length. Describe how longer lash extension supplies might slip out of place and appear unnatural.

For a better impression, use somewhat longer lashes for persons with droopy or hooded eyes. When picking the length, keep the curl design in mind. More length is required for a more dramatic lash, such as D or CC, because they appear shorter after curling. Additionally, to deal with the natural shape, you can blend different lengths throughout the eyes.

Coloured Lash Extension Supplies

It’s not just for Halloween that you have a rainbow of colours on your eyelashes. Coloured mascara has been available for a long time, but coloured eyelash extensions offer volume and length that no other type or colour can equal.

For individuals who wish to be more adventurous with their eye makeup, coloured mascara is ideal. You may achieve an attractive look with individual eyelash applications by applying as many or as few colours of lashes as you choose in the same style and length. Coloured lash extensions are also ideal for individuals who want to make their eyes stand out even more by adding a splash of colour on top.


To ensure a positive client experience, you now know what to look for when selecting lash extension supplies. Even if you have professional lash extension supplies and tools, always put safety first. Ascertain that clients are aware of the procedures for aftercare as well as any potential concerns. Always use safe products with the optimum lash thickness and application.

You risk damage your natural lashes if you utilise extremely thick lashes. Choose expert lash extension supplies for long-term results and ultimate client satisfaction. Additionally, offer a choice of options to fit your clients’ demands. Apart from that, focus on correct technique and application.

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