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Gel-Based Moisturisers

Why Gel-Based Moisturisers Are a Game-Changer for Oily Skin?

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Moisturizers have been held in high regard in the skincare community since time immemorial. One can use numerous skincare products, but still, that coveted glowy, healthy, acne-free skin will remain only a dream if the skincare routine is void of a moisturizer. For our oily-skinned pals, the discussion extends to the type of moisturizer they should use. In recent times, the skincare industry has fallen in love with gel-based moisturizers. If you are one of the oily-skinned folks, you might question how gel-based moisturizers have suddenly become your new best friend. In this article, we’ll explore the wonders of gel moisturizers and why they’re recommended for oily skin types.

What is a gel-based moisturizer?

In the simplest terms, gel-based moisturizers are lightweight and non-greasy water-based moisturizers. Being mostly oil-free, these are the answer to the prayers of those with oily skin, who often worry about clogged pores and breakouts caused by heavy, creamy moisturizers.

Skincare experts always think highly of gel moisturizers for their ability to keep the skin moisturized without stripping off the natural oil of your skin. And the best factor is that your skin takes no time to soak up the gel formula within minutes. It rightly addresses the concern of waiting hours before applying other products as your skin feels greasy after moisturization.

As the definition of a gel-based moisturizer is off the table, let’s focus our attention on its benefits. You might be waiting eagerly to learn what else such moisturizers offer your skin. So let’s jump straight into them:

1. Lightweight Hydration

As we are already aware of the fact that gel-based moisturizers are water-based, they’re incredibly light on the skin. They absorb quickly, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. Unlike heavy creams, they won’t leave you looking greasy or congested.

2. Non-Comedogenic

We all know that oily skin types are prone to breakouts. As most gel moisturizers are non-comedogenic, you can relax knowing that they won’t clog your pores. Minus the aggravated acne issue, your skin appears clear and healthy.

3. Cooling Effect

If you are in love with the cooling sensation of gel-based moisturizers, we are assured that you cannot keep your hands off of them during hot and humid weather. They soothe your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed.

4. Perfect Primer

These moisturizers can double as a primer for makeup. They create a smooth canvas for your cosmetics and help them last longer while you look flawless.

5. Versatile Use

There is no timeline or restriction on when you can include gel moisturizers in your skincare routine. From applying them before sunscreen in the morning to after your serums in the evening, you can experiment with them.

6. Easy Absorption

We cannot put enough strain on the fact of how lightweight gel-based moisturizers are. They eliminate the need to wait for hours before applying your makeup or getting into bed after moisturizing your skin.

7. Fit for All Weather

Gel moisturizers eliminate the greasy feeling of cream moisturizers when the temperature outside is over 30°C and you are profusely sweating. Irrespective of the temperature outside, your skin doesn’t feel sticky.

Thus, it’s safe to say that a gel-based moisturizer in your daily skincare routine can be a total game-changer for those with oily skin. You’ll experience the benefits of hydration without the drawbacks of clogged pores and excessive shine. Your skin will thank you!

The best way to include them in your skincare routine is after thoroughly cleansing your skin with a gentle face cleanser. It lets your skin absorb the entire benefits of a gel moisturizer and keeps it happy, glowy, hydrated, and radiant. If you are planning on purchasing a moisturizer, check out what 82°E has in store for you. As a brand by Deepika Padukone, backed by nature and rigorous research, our products are one-of-a-kind. You cannot help but smile your widest when you incorporate us into your skincare routine.

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