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Submit A Guest Post on Marijuana, CBD, Health or Addiction to Our Audience.

Submit A Guest Post on Marijuana, CBD, Health or Addiction to Our Audience.
Do you have a passion for the CBD/Hemp/Cannabis industry? Are you an expert when it comes to researching and finding interesting details regarding CBD/Hemp or cannabis?

invites you to contribute an article about CBD Oil, Cannabis, Marijuana, or hemp products. Do you wish to share your expertise on a particular topic with our readers? Providing guidance and knowledge to others is an excellent way to assist them in establishing or expanding their own CBD, CBD Oil, Cannabis, or Marijuana businesses. Find out how to increase your reach, promote your brand, build links, and more by writing for CBD.
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How would you describe your writing skills?

Your guest post should be written in a way that keeps readers interested.
You are able to do this because of your intellectual innovation, writing skill, and devotion.

Review the guidelines and the rules before submitting your article.

Your article must meet the following requirements:

  1. We won’t accept anything that isn’t accurate and well-researched.
  2. You could tell us some interesting facts, news events, a new development, or a story.
  3. Original content, not plagiarized. No copies.
  4. Didn’t publish anywhere else.
  5. Minimum 600 – 1000 words
  6. Grammatically correct and quality English
  7. Make use of subheadings and bulleted lists
  8. If possible, links to further information in English (or otherwise stated).
  9. In the byline, include details of the writer’s role in projects, programs, or research.
  10. Write in jargon-free professional language appropriate for an international readership and the field of children’s rights. Stay away from local or niche terms.

How to Write A Guest Blog For CBD Write For Us

Once the article has met all of the guidelines and requirements, it can be submitted as a word document or a Google document to contact.dreamteampromos@gmail.com. A member of our editorial team will then review your submission. If we feel that any changes need to be made, we will inform you.
Otherwise, it will be posted within 24 hours.

Payment Method:-

We accept only Paypal or Payoneer.

    There is a $5.00 charge to add a new post.
  • Select a category for your post
  • Write the full description of your Post
  • Provide a short description of this post (optional)
  • Separate tags with commas.

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