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Why You Should Use A Body Lotion - Dream Team Promos

Why You Should Use A Body Lotion

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As much as skincare, it is important to take care of our bodies too. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body, and it is important to keep it well moisturized and hydrated to avoid skincare problems like dryness, lines on the skin, and more.

Every one of us would at least take care of our facial skin once or twice a day. But we neglect our bodies. Equal importance is to be given to our body when we want to have healthy and glowing skin. Even if you are not able to take care of your body, make sure to follow some simple steps every day to keep your body’s skin well-nourished and hydrated.

Here are some simple tips to take care of your body every day.

  1. Make sure to apply some oil and give a massage every day, which hardly takes a few minutes.
  2. Use a good shower gel or ubtan according to your body type. Moisturizing soaps are way better to opt for.
  3. Once after the bath, make sure to apply body lotion as you apply moisturizer to your face.
  4. Use a mild body spray to keep your skin away from body odors.
  5. Take care of your body; 5 minutes is more than enough!

DIY tip to be included at least once a week:

1. Body Scrub:

Exfoliation is one of the important steps that should be included in your body-care routine. You can buy exfoliators or body scrubs and even make DIY scrubs if needed. You can make a scrub in the comfort of your home with powdered sugar, besan, or rice flour. It helps in mildly exfoliating the skin by shedding away dead skin cells.

2. Body Mask:

You can either make a paste with besan and curd or green gram flour along with milk or curd, according to your comfort level. Apply it all over your body, including your hands and legs. Let it sit for 10–15 minutes, and you can gently scrub them off. This will remove the dirt, and at the same time, products like curd, milk, honey, etc. will help keep your body well moisturized.

3. Moisturize your body:

It is important to moisturize your body every day to avoid white lines or flakiness in the skin. Use body lotion or body butter based on your skin type. This will hydrate your skin well and keep it well-nourished. If you have extremely dry skin, then choose a body oil. A small tip could be to add a few drops of oil to your bathing water when you have dry to extremely dry skin. Make sure to choose a good body lotion online to keep your body soft and hydrated.

While choosing any skincare products, make sure to check the ingredients. This is because choosing the right ingredients based on your skin type helps resolve your skincare concerns or problems. 3 AM has some of the best skincare products, from face washes to sunscreens and serums.

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