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Why Is Jaipur a Must-Visit Travel Destination in 2022?

Table of Contents

Jaipur is a dazzling place in India. It is famous worldwide for its colorful culture and traditions, including royal palaces, forts, and ancient architecture that give immense significance to the Pink City of India. 

It is just 268 km from Delhi, so you can plan the trip to explore the surprising places and food and take a massive experience of this city under the best Jaipur travel package from Delhi. Moreover, Jaipur looks tremendously beautiful due to its colorful buildings and architecture. 

Jaipur city, the capital of Rajasthan, represents Rajasthani’s authentic culture and tradition. From food to handmade cloth and items, Jaipur never disappoints any visitor, and you will take immense pleasure and memories with you. 

Furthermore, Jaipur is a happening place throughout the year, but to have the best exposure to the weather, visit between October and February. You witness the most pleasant weather and climate condition, enhancing the trip’s feel. 

The most famous tradition of Jaipur is the Kalbelia and Ghoomar dance, and it is widely famous worldwide and is an attraction for numerous foreign tourists. Moreover, the culture of Jaipur is friendly and helpful, and they never disrespect you and always guide you with kind nature. 

Jaipur is an important place for its vibrant clothes, fine work jewelry, and ethnic handicrafts. Besides, the primary language of Jaipur is Rajasthani, and predominantly, locals speak it. 

Moreover, Jaipur celebrated all festivals with decorations and colors. It offers you the tremendous experience of vibrant cultures. Besides, this city is a paradise for festivals that give opportunities to every tourist to explore it. Witness celebrations like Diwali, Teej, Gangaur, and kite festivals. 

The primary dish of Jaipur is Dal Baati Churma, which is delicious, and reflects the Rajasthani aromatic species and herbs. Moreover, the Ghewar is a lovely dessert widely famous for its sweetness among tourists. 

Other Tempting Places

Jaipur Markets

The bustling market is Jaipur’s main attraction, which offers a maximum range of shopping items. Moreover, it includes souvenirs like astonishing Rajasthani shoes, fabrics, handicraft pottery, and other clothing items. Besides, they all are pocket friendly, alluring, and uniquely designed. Hence all markets are crowded with people that give the best shopping environment. 

Furthermore, Jaipur also offers numerous clothes, including Cholis, Odhni, Ghagra, Chunars, Kurtis, and other stuff. Therefore, they offer men’s clothes, including Angarkha, Dhotis, Pagri, and Patka. They all are multicolor made with Rajasthani touch. 

Chokhi Dhani 

Chokhi Dhani is one of the significant resorts of Jaipur. Serve you Rajasthani cuisine and experience that reflects the taste and beauty of Jaipur. Besides, it was built in 1989 and has become the most famous resort in Jaipur. 

Additionally, Chokhi Dhani serves delicious food with multiple cuisines. They increase your appetite and enhance your taste buds. Visit to experience the authentic Rajasthani touch, including a stay, spa, swimming pool, clubs, and memorable puppet shows. 

Nahargarh Fort

To have Jaipur’s panoramic view, visit Nahargarh Fort, which gives immense exposure to architecture. Raja Jai Singh built it in 1734. Therefore, the original name of the Fort was Sudarshangarh, but it was changed to Nahargarh or Adobe tiger. 

Furthermore, this place is located in the Aravalli hills rock ridges, which makes it picturesque and blissful. Moreover, the royal family also used this fort, as they used to spend time picnics around the view of the jungle.  

Amber Fort/Palace 

Amber fort reflects the gems of Jaipur, as it was built with marble and sandstones, which give a massive view of the fort from the outside. Moreover, this magnificent fort architecture was built by Raja Man Singh and completed by Maharaja Jai Singh. Therefore, this place gives an engaging experience to every visitor with all the lavish amenities and services. 

Additionally, this place has intricate wall paintings, frescos, and luxurious decors. You also witness precious gems and jewelry in the Palace of mirrors. Besides, it looks adversely magnificent, filled with numerous glass tiles. Hence, it is a must-visit place. 

Birla Temple

Jaipur is famous for its numerous temples and spiritual places. Besides, Birla temple is one of them. They are ancient historical architecture representing spiritual virtues. Moreover, it is famous worldwide, not only built in Jaipur but also in other cities in India. Therefore, the primary reason for multiple branches is the Birla family. 

Furthermore, the Birla temple was made with marble and sandstones. This sacred temple is located on Dungari’s hill, Jaipur, and was built in 1977. It holds three giant domes made of shining marble, looking charming, especially in the evening. Moreover, this temple gives you an incredible feeling once you visit it. 

Hawa Mahal Palace

Hawa Mahal is known as the Palace of breeze, located in the heart of the city, Badi chopped road. Moreover, this Palace has the best build design derived from a honeycomb look. It is famous for its 5-floor story building, which welcomes you with a water fountain. 

Furthermore, the significant famous fact about this Palace includes the front beauty with small windows that look stunning. They pass the calm wind inside the Palace, which makes it pleasant, even in hot summers. Moreover, this building was built by Raja Jai Singh in 1798 that decorated with latticework. 

The origin name of Hawa mahal is derived from the winds from the windows, which were designed brilliantly. Therefore, you should experience this magical place in Jaipur. 

Wrapping Up 

Henceforth, these are the significant places to visit in Jaipur. Go through the information mentioned earlier to have comprehensive knowledge about Jaipur. Moreover, if you are planning to visit there, choose the exciting Mumbai to Jaipur package, which covers numerous expenses and provides a worthy trip. Besides, Jaipur is the ideal destination. 

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