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Where to Get the Finest Keratin Treatments in Sydney

Where to Get the Finest Keratin Treatments in Sydney

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Get the lowdown on where to get keratin treatment Sydney.

Hair By Phd


If you have a mane that is currently unmanageable, you can trust it to this team because they have been doing so for years. In addition, these experts employ a formaldehyde-free treatment, which means they do not employ any harmful chemicals.

Ebony Hair


If you desire luxuriously smooth and shiny hair akin to liquid silk, Ebony Hair is the optimal choice. This brand dispels common misconceptions by assuring you that unmanageable curly hair will be transformed, resulting in a sleek appearance devoid of any frizz or unruly textures.

Marli Rose

Alexandria & Beaconsfield

Come on in to Marli Rose, and make yourself at home; the decor here (and in the other salon as well) is so nice, you won’t want to leave. We can personally attest to the fact that the Bhave keratin treatment performed on your hair by owner Jana and her team of hair wizards will change your life and last for at least four months (and counting).

Lily Jackson Hair & Make-Up


Lily Jackson can help you achieve your #hairgoals with shiny, lustrous locks. The time you spend fussing over your hair in the mornings can be cut drastically (and we do mean drastically) with the help of this treatment. There will be no standard service here; instead, they place a premium on tailoring each procedure to the individual’s hair.

Christopher Hanna


Now, it’s not every day that your keratin treatment comes with a Bloody Mary, but at Christopher Hanna’s CBD salon, it’s the norm. The quality of your hair will significantly improve, and you’ll get to enjoy your luscious locks for a respectable amount of time.

Robertson Kirkwood


While Robertson Kirkwood does an excellent job of keratin smoothing, they go above and beyond by teaching you how to maintain your new look and the best care regime based on your hair structure.

La Unica Salon


This fantastic Sydney salon offers a variety of keratin treatments; after one, you’ll fall head over heels in love with your shinier, healthier hair. The plushest thing you’ve ever touched, if you will. We double dog dare you to visit a place with high humidity and see how your hair reacts.

Wink Hair


Wink Hair is the place to go if you’ve ever considered a full hair revitalization treatment.This keratin treatment will transform your dishevelled mop (let’s be honest here) into a flowing waterfall of luxurious locks.

District Salon


District Salon is one of the best places to stop by for all your keratin needs because they employ a team of stylists with international training and experience. Also, just so you know, they have individual massage chairs because why not?

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