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When testosterone levels are haywire

When testosterone levels are haywire

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Testosterone is a word that is tossed around often with the discussions about masculinity. However, there is a clear gap between the understanding of what this hormone does, and what is merely fabricated.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is found both, in men and women, although, the role played in men is more salient.

Produced by the testicles, testosterone is a sex hormone that plays important role around the body including sex drive, production of sperm, muscle mass, bone strength, fat distribution in the body and the production of red blood cells.

Much like other hormones, the levels of testosterone also need to be regulated, as otherwise, low, or high levels of this hormone can cause problems around the body, meriting then the intervention of the Best andrologist in Lahore.

Low testosterone levels

One of the most common causes for the testosterone levels to decrease is due to the process of aging. There might be other problems as well that cause a decline in your testosterone levels.

Signs of low testosterone include:

Erectile issues

For men, having penetrative sex is contingent on getting and maintaining an erection long enough to climax. Testosterone plays an important role during this entire process.

When there is dearth of testosterone, men may then face trouble in getting an erection. Even if they get an erection, it may be hard for them to maintain it.

This problem in it of itself can cause a lot of stress for the person enduring it, but it also may have a grave impact on their mood as well. The lack of satisfying sex life can also have implications for the relationship as well.


Men with low testosterone levels also feel drained and lethargic. Even if they get sufficient rest, they still feel fatigued.

Low sex drive

Since testosterone plays a vital role in determining libido, therefore, a dip in the levels of the hormone also then causes the sex drive to suffer.

Loss in bone mass

Having strong bones is important for improved functionality, balance, and bone health. Loss of bone mass can lead to disease like osteoporosis and can also increase the risk of fractures as well.

Having low testosterone levels can lead to loss in the bone mass, and the onset of these problems.

Loss in muscle mass

Another impact of the dip of the testosterone levels is the loss of muscle mass since the hormone is directly responsible for building it.

High testosterone levels

High testosterone levels are rarer than the low levels, but they pose problems, nonetheless. Often, the hike in the testosterone levels can be attributed to hormone replacement therapy or malfunctioning elsewhere in the body.

Signs of high testosterone levels include:

Breast enlargement

Since the excess testosterone is converted into estrogen, it may then lead to the enlargement of male breasts. This is perhaps why all the buffed-up men also then have a prominent chest.

Low sperm count

Men with higher testosterone might also wrongly be assumed to be more virile, in terms of their ability to procreate. Unfortunately, in a rather counterintuitive way, having high testosterone levels actually decreases the sperm count.

Prostate gland

Another sign of high testosterone levels is the swelling of the prostate gland.

Skin problems

Having too much testosterone can cause the skin to become oily, which may then lead to acne as well.

Size of testicles

One would assume that the increase in testosterone levels would help accentuate the male signs of glory, but that’s not always the case. Having higher testosterone levels can actually shrink the testes.

Other signs

Other miscellaneous signs of having high testosterone levels include retention of fluid in the body. It may also cause sleep problems. For men injecting the hormone, mood problems are also more likely to occur.

If you observe these symptoms, you should seek help of an andrologist in Karachi then.

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