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What’s It Like to Gulp a Kratom Shot?

What’s It Like to Gulp a Kratom Shot?

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The experience of gulping a kratom shot is hard to describe in words. You must drink a shot to know what it is like. But mind you, ladies and gentlemen, kratom shots are for the brave-hearted. They are the most potent forms of this herb, and a few reputable vendors have gone the extra step of keeping the shots un-flavored to let you taste the real thing.

Buying shots

As the shots are concentrated forms of alkaloids of the herb, they are available in small bottles. You need no big bottle for this. This is like having a neat shot of your favorite whiskey or a shot of espresso. 

Pure pleasure and pure effect. 

So, when you search for “kratom near me” in your attempt to buy a high-quality shot, don’t be disappointed to find small-sized bottles that contain, say, 15ml of the liquid extract. These 15ml drops promise to knock you off! 

Well, kratom isn’t a drug, so worry not about blacking out, as in the case of alcohol or some other substance. But yes, if you are looking for kratom for energy, this is an awesome thing to have, as the shot would give you an energy punch. 

But hey, before you go on cloud nine reading this, ensure you are able to tolerate kratom. By this, we mean you mustn’t be a beginner. Shots are not for beginners, according to experts. They can make you feel queasy or give you stomach pain, as your body finds this as something foreign, so it may try to reject it. 

Before trying shots…

If you wish to try a product like Maeng Da Liquid Kratom Extract Shot, we suggest trying kratom in a more humble form at first. Shots are beasts, while powdered and encapsulated forms of kratom are humble and the right choice for beginners. 

Once your body gets acclimatized to this herb, you can try shots. 

How to take shots?

Shots are meant to be gulped quickly, to be precise, in one shot. They are not meant to be sipped like some tea or juice. Moreover, you can’t sip them because they are mostly bitter. Certain vendors keep them completely unflavored, while others may flavor them only lightly. The idea is to make you experience real kratom. 

These are concentrated forms of alkaloids, so they carry intense taste and power. Be careful with the dose. Do not overdo it. For example, a 15ml bottle contains shots for three servings, with each serving giving you 41.5mg mitragynine and 3.36mg 7-hydroxy mitragynine. This product of kratom in Minnesota is available at your nearby vendor. 

What happens when you take a shot? 

Within minutes, you would start feeling the effects. You would feel energetic, enthusiastic, and with better clarity of mind. The alkaloids bind with your brain receptors to create a feeling of happiness and calmness. You feel you are better prepared to face the day. You would also realize that you are more productive, active, and creative throughout the day. 

It just seems wonderful! 

So, for a change, keep aside kratom powder or capsules. Try shots. Get more adventurous with this herb.

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