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What You Must Know About Purchasing Hashish Seeds in The U.S. In 2023?

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Hashish has its origins in the Arabic world, where it was one of the top marijuana products grown and processed in the region. Today, as the region shifts to other crops, such as poppy cultivation, the legacy of hashish remains intact, and users can quickly get the products, such as seeds, from the vendors. Moreover, cannabis companies are continually producing and breeding the best and most sustainable hash seeds to continue their legacy.

There are many hash seed vendors in the United States; hence you need to know some details before purchasing. You also need to understand marijuana usage guidelines and laws that sometimes affect purchases. Here are a few details you need to know before buying the seeds.

Where to buy hash seeds?

There are different hash seed vendors in the United States; however, not all will sell you the quality seeds you need. The seeds vary based on THC concentration, yields, strains, and growth conditions. Here are the top vendors to purchase your hashish seeds in the U.S.

1.      High Supplies

This is the best place to buy premium high supplies seeds since it offers other benefits, such as free shipping and guaranteed germination. The brand has a rich reputation for researching weeds for over 16 years and has positive reviews amongst buyers. You can get different types of hash seeds to create a tailored experience as per your requirements.

2.      Crop King Seeds

The brand offers over 500 strains, constant customer support, and over 170 physical stores in the United States and Canada. This makes it the most available and accessible store to buy hashish seeds. It offers rewards for bulk purchases and loyal customers. You can also get growing and planting guides to help you produce the seeds within the required conditions.

3.      Seedsman

The store stocks over 4000 weed strains; hence you can get all the different hash seeds. Established in 2002, the brand collaborates with different breeders to stock only quality seeds to withstand and flourish in different weather and climatic conditions. You can also get frequent sales discounts, especially around the festive seasons.

4.      Seed Supreme

Buying seed from Seed Supreme means you can access free delivery within the shortest duration in the U.S. Founded in 2013, the U.S. company stocks over 4000 strains, consisting of seeds with THC and CBD concentrations of varying effects and potency.

5.      Herbies Seeds

If you are looking for both male and female hashish seeds, you can try Herbies seeds with over 2000 strains to select from. The bank also offers discounts for Bitcoin purchases and free shipping for shoppers over $200.

Other seed banks include Rocket, Sonoma, beaver seeds, M.J. seeds, and Quebec seed banks. When selecting the ideal seed bank, you need to choose the banks based on the discounts, strains available, costs, guaranteed growth conditions, and ability to grow in various climatic and weather conditions. You must also consider the general guidelines and the brand’s partners, such as seed breeders and third-party laboratories.

Different types of hash

When you buy seeds, you should first understand the type of hash you need to make from the seeds. Different types of hash vary based on the processing and extraction methods. Sometimes the differences can also be due to the kind of seed you buy from vendors.

Here are some types of hash you should know and get in the United States.

Afghan hashish is the most common type of hash available in the market. Even though it is a little expensive, you are guaranteed high quality, and the effects can take about 5 to 10 minutes to affect the body.

The second type is Charis of Indian Hashish, mainly produced from female flowers grown from female seeds. They are rare and have a high THC concentration of up to 40%.

The third type is Pakistani hashish, mainly produced in the Pakistan region but can also be manufactured in any location, including the U.S., as long as you have the right seeds and ingredients. It is a rare hash as the production has declined over time, and the currently available variations are not produced in Pakistan.

The other type is Moroccan hashish, commonly grown and produced in the European markets. The potency ranges from low to medium; hence suitable for most hashish users. Other variations include Moroccan Primero hash, Moroccan palm hash, and Moroccan caramel hash.

You can also buy rare types such as sticky Nepalese hashish, super Nepalese hash, and temple ball hash. To make these hash, you need to have the right seeds and extract the appropriate sections from the flowers.

Can you buy and grow hashish seeds in the U.S.?

Due to the changing marijuana legislation and regulations in the U.S., you can buy weed products such as seeds from different marijuana seed banks. These banks stock different seeds to enable people to grow certain marijuana strains. Hashish is commonly produced by cooperatives and companies with the infrastructure and resources to grow hash effectively. However, users can also grow it at home.

The 2018 Farm Bill Act allows individuals to grow hash and buy seeds from different vendors. However, you should abide by the state regulations on the amount of hash and the size of domestic and home gardens for hash.


Before you buy the seed, you need to determine the type of hashish you want. This will influence the ideal bank to buy the seeds from and the kind of seed to purchase. You must also be keen about selecting vendors since not all will offer you highly potent seeds.

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