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Turns My Skin Into Yellow

What Turns My Skin Into Yellow?

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If your skin suddenly turns yellow, especially your skin and whites of the eyes, it may be jaundice.

It is a medical term that itself is not a disease but can be caused by different illnesses. It occurs when there is too much bilirubin in your body. 

A medicine specialist in Lahore shares that bilirubin is the yellow pigment that is produced by the breakdown of dead red blood cells in the liver.

Some serious illnesses cause yellow skin that can lead to jaundice. Let’s explore the illnesses that lead to jaundice.

Newborn jaundice 

When a new baby is born and soon has a high level of bilirubin, it leads to jaundice. Sometimes, it does not require any treatment because the liver develops once your baby starts feeding. It helps to get rid of bilirubin.

A high level of bilirubin leads to other health conditions, like deafness, and some types of brain damage. Doctors monitor the level of bilirubin that helps to maintain its level in different ways.

The skin turns yellow after one of a few days of the birth of your child. Basically, it starts from your face and spreads across the body.

It may become intense over time, like high-pitched crying and poor feeding. You should get medical help and do not ignore the symptoms.


It is a blood disorder and genetics is one of the leading causes of this condition. It occurs due to the abnormal form of hemoglobin. 

Excessive destruction of red blood cells results in anemia. It depends on the type of thalassemia and how many severe symptoms you will experience. It brings on symptoms, like dark urine, bone deformities, tiredness, fatigue, and excessive tiredness.

Hepatitis B 

Liver inflammation is a health complication caused by infection. When you contact infected blood, it spreads into your body. It also spreads with a contaminated needle and may transfer from a mother to a baby. You may experience its different symptoms, like yellowing of the whites of your eyes, appetite loss, abdominal pain, muscle pain, etc. 

Such conditions also cause other health complications and lead to different conditions, such as liver failure, death, and scarring.

Hepatitis C

Some people also have an infection caused by hepatitis C. It brings on symptoms from mild to severe range. These symptoms may include joint pain, abdominal pain, and appetite loss. You may have urine in dark color. It spreads from the transfer of blood contact.

Alcoholic liver disease 

People who drink alcohol in excess regularly are prone to liver damage, such as diseased inflammatory conditions. The severity of liver damage leads to different symptoms. These people experience easy bleeding, mental state changes, fatigue, and abdominal swelling.

Breast milk jaundice 

Jaundice is also caused by breastfeeding. This type of jaundice occurs after one week of birth. Doctors also say that it does not require any treatment as it often goes away on its own. It turns your whites of eyes and skin into yellow. You may also experience weight loss, fatigue, and high-pitched crying.

Pancreatic cancer 

Cells of the pancreas become out of control and cancerous, pancreatic cancer occurs. It is not easily diagnosed but in more advanced stages of the disease. The more common symptoms of pancreatic cancer include blood clots, lower back pain, weight loss, abdominal pain, and depression. best facial kit in pakistan

Bile duct obstruction 

Gallstones are one of the causing factors of bile duct obstruction. There are also some other causes too, including infections, cysts, gallbladder, liver damage, etc. facial 

Some people also experience vomiting, nausea, and abdomen. You may need urgent medical attention if you notice any of these symptoms.

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Sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell anemia is the disease that runs in the family as it is the red blood cells. These can trap in small vessels that block blood from flowing to different parts of the body. You may experience different symptoms, such as pale skin and gums, pain in your feet and hands, extreme chest pain, pain in your legs and arms, etc.

Liver cancer 

It results in painful inflammation of the pancreas. This happens due to alcohol misuse and gallstone. In the upper part of the abdomen, you may have extreme pain. Sitting up and leaning forward can cause severe pain.

If you experience this type of pain consistently, you should seek medical help.

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