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What Printing Techniques Do Box Manufacturers Use On Custom Kraft boxes?

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Custom kraft boxes look enchanting when manufacturers print them with the latest designs and color themes. Have you wondered how these boxes look great? Or have you ever focused on techniques that give such packaging an alluring touch? If not then let’s get information regarding the printing techniques here. These are the high-tech procedures that entirely change the appeal of the box.

Before knowing multiple packaging techniques that manufacturers use for the boxes let’s first know about the importance of printing on the custom soap packaging boxes. The boxes are the key investment that a business person made to give the product persuasive touch.  It helps in giving brand recognition, cool appeal, and winning customer loyalty. Furthermore, information on the box helps customers to know about soap ingredients, fragrances, and usage. Therefore, the consumer can easily make the buying decision.

This is all possible because of the color formats, artwork, and board options that designers do by using the latest printing techniques.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is the common type that we find in most custom kraft boxes.   It is known as relief printing and bets for the printing of corrugated sheets. In this technique, the designer uses a flexible printed plate mounted on a large rotating cylinder, and a cardboard sheet moves inside the roller. 

Furthermore, the design on the sheet comes on the sheet.  The type of printing is best for edge-to-edge printing, flood coating, and text based on 1 or2 color.  The type of printing is preferable because of cost effusiveness and is suitable for large volume projects.

Lithographic Printing

One more suitable printing option for kraft material is litho lamination. Thus, the method is somewhat different from the direct printing method. The method is printing on paper with a coated or uncoated finish that the designer laminate on the corrugated board. 

After printing, the designer cut the box into the final size. The lithographic technique is ideal when there is a need for high-resolution graphics and a wide range of color options. The only thing about this printing option is that it’s expensive and affects the overall cost of the product.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a modern technology artwork we find on custom soap packaging boxes and other products. moreover, it is easy to use and cost-effective. for this type of printing, there is no need for lamination or plates. One can do printing directly on the corrugated board.

There is no mixing of separate colors rather it sues the CMYK color partners. Although this technique offers the best colors but sometimes are slightly off or white lines appear. This gives the rough finish. But this does not happen all the time and it is ideal for use in short runs for small packaging.

Silk Printing

The last but not least type of printing that is useful to give eye catchy look to the boxes is silk printing. The squeegee printing involves the application of the mesh screen having a stencil. The technique helps in providing high-quality printing and is best for high-volume projects.

Final Verdict

Printing plays a significant role in offering the custom boxes a mesmerizing touch. A plain box never looks appealing and does not grab the attention of the users. In contrast box with a colorful theme, attractive design and appealing fonts is always attention seeking. Thus box manufactures use one of these techniques according to their product requirement and give the box a stupendous appeal. perhaps, the box with cool prints helps in boosting sale and give the brand strong recognition in the market.

Box Design Software is one of the best decisions box manufacturers’ best decisions. Suck kind of tool, by letting customers design their product themselves, improves customer satisfaction. It also plays a huge role in attracting more customers.

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