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What is a Breeding Kink? 04 Facts About Breeding Kink

What is a Breeding Kink? 04 Facts About Breeding Kink

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Are you confused about what is a breeding kink is?

Are you confused about what is a breeding kink is?

There are kinks and then there are fetishes in the world of sex. Kinks describe the experience of being triggered by an act. Fetishes are defined as an experience that cannot be revoked unless the thing in question is present or included.

Risk, danger, and being turned on by them are not new newly discovered omega and are far more common than you may realize. Risk plays an influential role in many kinks – from simple public sex acts to breathplay, knife play, and other more dangerous sex acts, the element of risk is often part (therefore, if not all) of the excitement.

What Is a Breeding Kink?

Streaming platforms like TikTok spin more and more kinks that used to be hidden until they were revealed to an avid audience. Fetishes like Shibari and Age Play have public airtime now. In average conversation, people confess they’re attracted to hands or feet.

In addition to social media, the pornography industry has long been a source of misogyny promoting degradation, sexual assault, and other forms of violence against women.

Breeding kinks are those small details that make your subs feel happy. Whips and chains, as well as collars marked “distress” or “get out”, all show how much they care (even when you’re not there).

What Is a Breeding Kink?

The state of pregnancy is a completely different kind of kink. Lactation fetishes aren’t related to this because it doesn’t fetishize birth or labor. They’re about pregnancy risks. A woman might get this kink if she feels submissive, and a guy might get it if he feels dominant.

In spite of this, it’s not always the pregnancy question that causes arousal. In some cases, the fetish can be fulfilled in sexual interactions using contraceptives, in which case the fetish is more about role-playing the breeding aspect while not risking STDs. If there’s no contraception, breeding kinks can be aggravated by getting STDs.

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Misogyny and Dominance in Religion

Misogyny and Dominance in Religion

There is no question that in the non-binary, lesbian, and queer communities these kinks exist for those who cannot impregnate or impregnate their partner, but these kinks also exist for women who may become pregnant.

Here, the male partners assert dominance over their female partners. A patriarchal agent is a male-centered dominance, specifically in heteronormative interactions. It’s the same thing in the bedroom.

Breeding kinks may have biblical undertones unintentionally. Christian doctrine gives males ownership and dominance over women. It divorces women from their bodies, insists on submission, reinforces pregnancy as punishment and misery, all while driving women to stay faithful to a single man.

Paul says in Timothy 2:11-14, “a woman is to learn in quietness and submissiveness.” So don’t let a woman teach or exercise authority over a man. She’s to stay quiet.

According to Genesis 3:16, God instructs Eve concerning pregnancy, birth, and her autonomy, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow, thy children will be born, and thy desire will be to thy husband, who will rule over you.”

There is no mention of this in the fine print. Noah and his sons are commanded in Genesis 9:1 to “be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth…”. This same advice is provided to men and women in Genesis 1:28, but God adds: “fill the earth and subdue it.” to the list of things that a man must do.

By tying female partners to pregnancy and children, we’re subjecting them to one of the world’s favorite forms of control – taking away their bodies. Basically, if you’re pregnant, you’re sacrificing your body to create more people who will support male-centered initiatives.

Many women see pregnancy and the resulting child as another way patriarchal control can be enforced through financial instability, anti-choice laws, and the withdrawal of men who don’t support their children.

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Racist Undertones

Historically, slave women in the U.S. and other countries were forced to breed. Pregnancy wasn’t an option. Female slaves were forced by threat of position or outright assaulted. Female slavery was traditionally “in the periphery.” Revisionist historians have traced the practice and claim it was a way to manufacture more slaves so they didn’t have to be sold at auction and ensure continuity.

Racist Undertones

So they would be more attractive to buyers, slave women were raped, sexually assaulted, and exposed at auctions. Women were sold on their ability to reproduce, a unique quality. For plantations that depended on slave labor for production, breeding brought financial stability. Babies were a commodity.

Breeding kinks are those little details that make your subs feel happier. You can tell how much care goes into pleasing them at home (even if you’re not there) by whips and chains and collars with “distress” and “get out” written on them.

The Importance of Pregnancy and Breeding

Women are valued by society based on some well-known constructs like their modesty and how they can be used for reproduction while being separated from their sexual power. Legislation and morality police women’s bodies. Let’s talk about the biological imperative.

The Importance of Pregnancy and Breeding

Biological imperatives are a popular excuse for rape. I wouldn’t recommend it for casual reading unless you’re looking to set an institution on fire. “A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion” was written by Craig Palmer and Robert Thornhill to justify rape by saying boys are boys.

For the troglodytes reading it, it meant that men rape women in order to reproduce. They move through sexual selection in order to advance their genes, separating women from the pleasure of sex and referring to their experience as only a means to reproduction.

But if you ignore the implications of this argument, breeding is just what men have to do. It’s like they’re just vessels for childbearing and extending their somehow unique and special genetic line. Men who breed women get a kick out of carrying on the species and sexually selecting their partner based on their desirable traits, rather than their personhood and intimacy.

Internalized Misogyny

In heteronormative sexual relationships, women may unintentionally victimize themselves. On the whole, women live in a world that’s set up against them and built to keep male power and interests in place.

Sometimes, women have to satisfy men’s needs in order to survive. Breeding kink means you want to become pregnant or to be used for reproduction because society teaches you to want it. Generally speaking, women are allowed to be sexual for the sake of pleasing men, and anyone who deviates from that is considered an outlier, slutty, queer, or marginalized.

In women, kink may be caused subconsciously by the need for ownership protection. You might want to just get dressed and leave if you’re budgeting in your head. Usually, kids end up with a male attachment, which can give them some agency and stability in a society that is cruel to them.

You might be making subconscious calculations for survival if you want to get pregnant and have children and that goes further into a kink.

Implications for anti-choice

There’s no choice in pregnancy in cultures where women’s reproductive rights are stifled or outright illegal. If you think beyond the face value of these laws, you’ll see that we need to replenish our population in order to support capitalist (patriarchal) endeavors. The working class has to exist.

Women, especially women of color and impoverished girls, are forced to have unwanted pregnancies so the working class can stay alive.

Women who have to keep having babies might have control issues with this ingrained sense of reproduction.   In an anti-choice area, this kink could harm your health and quality of life. Also, if you want an abortion afterward, you might have to pay fines for an abortion if you get kinked. In a breeding kink where women are legally separated from their bodies, there are very real risks.

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Advice For Safety and Special Considerations

Advice For Safety and Special Considerations

While masturbating, some people fantasize about their breeding fetish.   If it’s just fantasy, then a breeding fetish with a partner can also be safe. In sex, you can roleplay breeding or even act it out. There are risks involved with breeding fetish, however, when it reaches beyond role-play.

Breeding fetishists are mostly excited by the idea of pregnancy but not what happens after. You’ll need a contraceptive plan if you don’t want a kid.

Also, beware of STDs. Your partner and you can get STDs if you have sex without a barrier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1- What Is a Breeding Fetish?

The idea of getting pregnant – or getting another pregnant – is a breeding fetish. Someone with a penis ejaculates into someone with a uterus and then “breeds” them. Breeding fetishists like the feel of potential permanent consequences. One partner might submit to the other, giving them a feeling of power exchange.

In some cases, the breeding fetish is more role-play, and partners will use contraception. Many breeding fetishes involve body fluid exchange, so partners risk getting sexually transmitted diseases as well as getting pregnant.

2- What Is the Difference Between a Breeding Fetish and a Pregnancy Fetish?

Pregnant people attract people with pregnancy fetishes. A pregnancy fetish might include liking how your body changes during pregnancy. A breeding fetish, on the other hand, is all about getting pregnant.

Masturbating while fantasizing about your breeding fetish is a common and safe way to enjoy it. Breeding with a partner can be safe when it’s just fantasy. Talking about the fetish during sex or acting it out are both examples of breeding roleplay. Breeding fetish comes with some risks when it comes to a game.


Online breeding fetish communities disagree on whether the male would be part of the hypothetical child. Jose says it depends on how the pregnancy happens. I wouldn’t pay child support if she tricked me into getting pregnant. I’ll only pay if she provided medical records.”

If you think “my kink isn’t that bad” or “it’s my body, so I can do what I want,” think about how your kink may be a reflection of your place in a male-dominated society. Find out what you want. Sexual power, choice, and body autonomy are revolutions. Know the root of your kink and navigate your sexual relationships on your own terms.

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