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What exactly is a Vertical Machining Center?

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Industrial processes that use machine tools to remove layers of material from a workpiece to manufacture the desired part or product are collectively referred to as “machining.” It can be divided into many categories: manual versus CNC, three versus five axes, and vertical versus horizontal. Each process variant has distinct benefits and drawbacks that make it appropriate for various manufacturing tasks. We concentrate on vertical machining here.

VMC Machining: What Is It?

VMC machining is the practice of performing machining operations on vertical machining centres (VMCs), which, as their name suggests, feature machine tools that are vertically positioned. The main purpose of these machines is to transform raw metal blocks, like aluminium or steel, into machined components. They can be used for several machining tasks, such as cutting, drilling, tapping, countersinking, chamfering, carving, and engraving. They are a very common tool in machine shops because of their versatility and low price.

Advantages of VMC Machining

Vertical machining center have some benefits over horizontal machining centres, including the following:

  1. Less complex structure. The straightforward design of VMCs makes it simple to clamp the workpiece in the required location.
  2. Increased cooling effectiveness. The VMC design works with gravity. Spraying coolant at the top of the machine tool and workpiece causes it to drip down, coating the remainder of the target.
  3. Simpler setup and use. Wide fields of vision on VMCs allow operators to monitor operations and, if necessary, make adjustments to address any problems.
  4. More compact space needs. A horizontal design requires more floor space than a vertical design does.
  5. Greater accuracy Complex shapes and structures can be accurately produced by VMCs.

The uses of VMC machining

Parts and products can be produced using vertical machining centres for various markets and uses. But their main applications are in high-precision, high-accuracy, and mass-production tasks, such as those involving the machining of the following parts:

  • Intricately curved pieces. Cams, impellers, and propellers are some examples of components that have intricate curves. These items are challenging to produce accurately and precisely with conventional machining techniques, but a multi-axis VMC with CNC technology can make them fast and easily.
  • Components with unusual or peculiar shapes. Brackets and bases are examples of pieces with unique or irregular shapes. These parts frequently have extremely intricate designs that are challenging to manufacture using traditional techniques but simple to manufacture using VMCs equipped with automatic machining capabilities.
  • Military hardware Several standards that govern part design and construction are applied to the military industry. Because of their accuracy and precision, VMCs guarantee that their machined components fully adhere to all applicable application and industry criteria.

Union MT offers VMC Machining Services

Vertical machining is essential for producing a wide range of components for diverse industries and applications. However, it is better suited for certain manufacturing projects since it has numerous advantages to horizontal machining, including simpler setup and operation, improved cooling efficiency, and fewer space needs.

Are you looking for a vertical machining service provider for your upcoming manufacturing project? Union MT’s professionals have you covered! We provide a wide range of machining capabilities as a full-service manufacturing and machine shop. In addition, we employ our significant manufacturing knowledge and skills to produce high-quality machined parts and products, including VMC, HMC, and Swiss machining.

Contact us immediately for further details on our Horizontal turning centre, vertical turning centres, or other manufacturing capabilities. Please request a quote to discuss your machining needs with a staff member.

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