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What Does A Wildcard SSL Certificate Do? - Dream Team Promos

What Does A Wildcard SSL Certificate Do?

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A wildcard SSL certificate allows you to secure multiple web sites on the same domain. These may be more than one IP address for a server location, or different user accounts on the same site. The certificate allows you to specify which IP addresses and/or user accounts should be secured by their associated certificates.

This type of certificate is used in situations when you want to support multiple domains with a single SSL certificate, or domains that are managed by a different company.

A wildcard SSL certificate is a Certificate of Authority (CA) that allows the issuing company to issue SSL certificates for multiple subdomains or websites. A wildcard SSL certificate can be used to obtain a single SSL certificate, which effectively provides all necessary security for any subdomain or site you would like protected by that domain’s certificate.

This certificate is one that permits you to specify a server name or address, rather than a specific host name or IP address. This can be useful for testing and troubleshooting purposes, as well as for hosting multiple sites on the same server.

A wildcard SSL certificate allows you to use the same domain name on multiple subdomains, so that your customers can access their content even if they’re not directly accessing their main site. This is a valuable feature for businesses with multiple storefronts or subdomains, especially if there are existing customers who subscribe to all of them.

This certificate allows you to secure multiple domain names with a single certificate. Wildcards let you encrypt different parts of your URL, such as payment pages and contact forms, without needing to reissue more certificates.

What is the difference between SSL and wildcard certificate?

SSL and wildcard certificates are two different services that can be used to effectively protect sensitive information inside your site. SSL is considered more secure because it encrypts information before sending it over the internet, so anyone who intercepts it will not be able to decipher it. Wildcard certificates also ensure that requests come from trusted sources, but they are usually more limited than SSL in terms of what types of webpages and resources can access them.

 Wildcard certificates are used to add a variety of subdomains and web clients, such as any for subdomains with the “www.” in their name, without importing a large amount of data into the certificate. SSL certificates can be used to further secure a connection between two computers by encrypting the secret text that they exchange using SSL/TLS encryption.

This certificate is a secure certificate for all of your domain names. In comparison to a single root certificate, which means SSL processes will only validate that the site you want to visit has a valid secure certificate, a wildcard certificate will allow all subdomains of your chosen root to also be verified as valid when they access SSL protected sites.

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