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What Are the Downsides of Using Leased Lines

What Are the Downsides of Using Leased Lines?

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Businesses who rely on transferring large amounts of data will benefit from the symmetrical speeds offered by leased lines. This speed cuts file transfer times and helps keep teams productive.

Unlike broadband internet, leased lines offer guaranteed bandwidth with clear SLAs defining how long fixes will take and how much compensation you may be entitled to in the event of a fault.


cost of leased lines

Costly leased lines may seem prohibitively costly to businesses that need large bandwidth amounts; but, it is essential to take all their benefits into consideration before making this investment. Security features of private connections eliminate data breaches or interference from other users – an essential feature when using it for applications like VoIP, cloud services or video-conferencing.

Leased lines also feature an SLA that ensures fast and dependable internet connectivity throughout their contract period. This can be invaluable to companies that depend on internet-powered customer support services, online stores, or social media as a vehicle for managing customer interactions or maintaining social presences.

In addition to the incredible download speeds, a leased line can deliver impressive symmetric upload speeds, making it a valuable asset for businesses that need to transfer large amounts of data regularly. This feature can dramatically cut file transfer times and help your team stay productive.


Businesses that use public or private cloud services, video conferencing and remote collaboration tools require fast, high-performance connections. These are often too demanding for consumer broadband, which favours download speeds over uploads (known as asymmetric speed). Leased lines deliver a much faster, more stable service – and can be upgraded without major infrastructure changes, keeping pace with business growth.

A reliable internet connection is a necessity for any organisation, whether it’s an e-commerce operation dealing with a lot of transactions, or a creative agency with a high turnover of image files. If your connection is slow, it can have a negative impact on overall business productivity.

A leased line ensures fast, uninterrupted speeds, so your business can complete its work on time and on budget. Boxx, proud to be a CityFibre ‘City Champion’ for Milton Keynes, has helped many small and large organisations in the area and nationwide install leased lines for optimum connectivity. Call us today to find out how we can help you.


Leased lines provide businesses that rely on data transmission at light speed with reliable internet connectivity that’s perfect for time-critical applications and provides secure data storage a stable connection – essential elements in keeping any company competitive in today’s landscape.

Leased lines are a more reliable form of internet connectivity than broadband connections. This is because the connection is dedicated to one business, so there’s no risk of other users taking up bandwidth and slowing down speeds. In addition, a leased line provider will often monitor the connection and fix any faults as they arise.

Furthermore, leased lines offer symmetrical download and upload speeds, which can improve productivity. This is particularly useful for businesses that transfer large files regularly, as it can cut down on file transfer times and help them stay productive. Ultimately, this is why businesses who rely on the internet to deliver software applications and business intelligence will usually opt for a leased line connection.


Leased lines differ from broadband connections in that they don’t impose bandwidth caps and can easily scale as your company expands, making them particularly advantageous for companies relying on bandwidth-intensive applications like video conferencing or cloud software.

Leased line providers also provide superior levels of customer support and offer service level agreements to guarantee certain speeds and performance levels, helping businesses avoid downtime due to internet outages. This guarantees they don’t experience an interruption to operations that would hinder operations and hinder profits.

Another advantage of leasing lines for businesses is their symmetrical speeds – meaning both upload and download speeds are equal – helping businesses avoid issues related to buffering when using VoIP calls or cloud-based software, like VoIP phone service or cloud storage software. Furthermore, lower latency levels mean increased productivity as requests can be processed more efficiently resulting in quicker email responses while providing customers with improved experiences overall.

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