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Supply Chain

What are the best Supply Chain Management practices?

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Supply chain management jobs are highly complex and demanding. Multiple levels and people are involved in the entire supply chain process. So, ensuring the process is efficient in all steps is extremely important. A wrong step could lead to the business losing track which could lead to them losing customers.

Logistics and supply chain management is common ground seen in all types of businesses, irrespective of the industry. As long as the company is concerned with distributing a product, it needs a department for the supply chain management process. It is also important to note that the role of the supply chain has changed over the years. From just being concerned with moving products from one place to another, supply chain management now has to look at budgeting and the efficiency of the process.

This is why you should check out some supply chain management courses. Before getting into this career, proper supply chain management knowledge will help you greatly.

Top 5 Supply Chain Management practices

Here are the best logistics and supply chain management practices you need to adopt to get the best supply chain management job and grow your organization:

1.   Have Proper Logistics and Supply Chain Management in place

Every company should have a good supply chain management council. This council ensures that the supply chain department meets the company’s vision and mission. They should also be aware of the business objectives and create strategies that align with the company’s future outlook.

Having a supply chain management council also helps bridge the gap between corporate management and the demands and requirements of the customers. This helps with managing the company’s budget, time, and resources in the most efficient manner. So the first step to a smooth supply chain run is setting up a supply chain management council.

2.   Hire Professionals with Supply Chain Management degree

A team of professionals with a proper supply chain management degree is at the foundation of all successful business operations. Individuals can do their jobs better and create sound systems if they have supply chain management certification from a reputed institution. Certificates are not only to look good on a resume, but they also train the individual with skills required to carry out the responsibilities in a job.

An organization and its supply chain will run smoothly when individuals invest in supply chain management courses and upskill themself for this role.

3.   Form Alliances with Suppliers

When your business is constantly dealing with outside suppliers, you need to form strong alliances with these suppliers. A business thrives on good relationships and partnerships, so it is essential to create long-term alliances with suppliers that your organization will work for.

When collaborating with specific suppliers, you can see if their goals match the goals of your business. Similar goals can be a great starting point to see who can be your ideal partners in the supply chain part of your business. Having transparency and good communication is also very important if you want to form alliances that last you a lifetime.

So from the early stages, focus on creating alliances to help you make your supply and deliveries efficient. A good supply chain partnership will take your business to profitability and success.

4.   Reduce cost with bulk purchases

Cost management is an essential part of supply chain management. The inventory or the warehouse should never go through any sort of shortage. Stocking up the warehouse regularly should be prioritized as it directly affects the supply of products to the customers.

Many companies believe that bulk purchases are effective and help reduce costs. However, businesses must strategize to find the best way to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

5.   Don’t ignore the need for technology

Supply chain management jobs have been here since before all the technological advances, but that doesn’t mean they cannot become more efficient with technology. On the contrary, many organizations have already adopted technology and software in supply chain operations to eliminate human errors and increase efficiency.

Using technology also makes it easier to track data from many different sources. One can also quickly go back many years to get hold of data that, without technology, would take a long time to find. Besides that, technology also makes sharing information with different levels of management more effortless.

What is the average Supply Chain Management salary?

On average, a supply chain manager in the United States earns $76,933 annually.  A supply chain manager can earn $135,395 a year with additional skills and certifications. You will have an easier time finding a job as a supply chain manager if you have the following skills along with a supply chain management degree:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Business development
  • Customer service
  • Leadership quality
  • Analysis skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of ERP systems
  • Skilled in Logistics and analytics

So, to conclude

Supply chain management jobs are something that will always be relevant as long as there are customers making purchases with businesses. You will find better job opportunities in this field with big companies as they need more supply chain management due to the high demand for their products in the market.

The great thing about having a logistics and supply chain career is that this area has a demand in every industry possible, from IT to medical. The organization needs a supply chain management team concerned with making and supplying products to customers.

So if you want to get into the supply chain business, you need to have a supply chain management certification to show your skills in the area. The best practices these supply chain management courses will teach you are:

  • Logistics and supply chain management council
  • Hire professionals with a supply chain management degree
  • Create alliances with suppliers
  • Bulk purchase to reduce cost
  • Use technology for efficient work
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