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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Working While Studying

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Working While Studying

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Being a college or university student isn’t economical and if you are an international student, then there are more costs involved. Furthermore, the increasing costs of living around the world make finding a part-time job while studying your only option. Then there are other expenses that you have to cover such as tuition fees, traveling expenses, daily expenses, other academic fees, etc. Whatever may be the reason, deciding to get into part-time employment while pursuing your degree is certainly a major decision.

In this article, the essay writer help advisor has discussed several advantages of taking on a part-time job if you can while studying and also some disadvantages that you must consider before you send off your resume.

Benefits of Doing a Part-Time Job While Pursuing a Degree

Benefits of Doing a Part-Time Job While Pursuing a Degree |

  1. You can earn extra money

This is perhaps one of the most motivating factors to take up part-time employment. This ensures a flow of steady income to manage your expenditures and can help you pay off other bills you might have.

  1. Industry/work experience

In this competitive job environment, where everybody is taking a part and trying to put their best foot forward, acquiring some amount of work experience will give you a competitive edge. Not only that, you will get an insight into the working procedure, regulations, work culture, and work dynamics. It will also help you decide which career path you should pursue after you graduate by helping you to think from every perspective.

  1. Build a network and make new friends

Doing a part-time job gives networking opportunities that are you can build connections with people who can give you advice and information regarding jobs related to your career. According to the college essay help service, a part-time job is a great source of meeting people from diverse backgrounds and with various experiences and skills.

  1. Develop finance and time management skills

Since you will be earning an income alongside balancing your time to complete your degree, you learn better how to manage your finances. You have several other responsibilities to fit along with your studying schedule and a social life that makes you learn how to manage and balance your daily life. Harmonizing work and play is an important skill that will benefit you throughout your life.

  1. Build self-confidence and independence

When working you not only gain working experience, knowledge, and practical skills but you also develop a sense of confidence, self-reliance, and independence. This enables you to think independently and critically and make decisions on your own.


Disadvantages of Working While Studying

Now that we have gone through the advantages, let us take a look at the disadvantages of working while studying. Here are some factors students must ponder before considering taking up part-time employment:

  1. Can lead to poor grades

This is probably one of the biggest concerns that students have. Studying and working at the same time may result in your grades taking a hit. Several students work while in college and even meet their academic goals; what matters is how self-disciplined you are and how well you manage your time. The key is to find the correct balance and foster good habits to make sure you give enough attention to your studies.

  1. Less free time for other activities

University is a busy time in anyone’s life and working part-time fill up the schedule even faster. Being a college student, besides all the classwork and coursework, you have to work harder and cope with a lot of information and do other things as well which can lead to having less time for other activities that you may want to do.

  1. Exhaustion and increased stress level

Studying at college, writing various papers, and reading numerous books, students are unable to have proper rest. Not having enough rest will lead to irritability and fatigue. Studying and working at once is a great pressure on a student’s physical and mental health.

Final Thought

Working and studying are two different phases of life. It requires a lot of dedication, self-discipline, commitment, and energy to work both out together at the same time. As a student, studies top your priority, however, some students may have to handle both due to several reasons. It is recommended to think through the pros and cons of taking up a job while studying. Balancing work with studies can seem difficult but that really depends on you and in case you feel burdened with a load of assignments you can simply ask us to help do my assignment and let experts lighten up your load.

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