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Ventura Park, Cancun - Dream Team Promos

Ventura Park, Cancun

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Complete Ventura Park Cancun information. Discover what to do and see in this Mexican city park, travel tips, and more. Cancun has amazing parks with new rides and fun for all ages. One of these must-see parks is Ventura Park. You can learn more about an attraction to enjoy with friends and family by reading this article.

Cancun Ventura Park

One of Mexico’s largest amusement parks, Ventura Park, is a must-see for Cancun tourists. In the Hotel Zone, it’s close to several major tourist attractions, so it’s worth taking a day to go there and enjoy all the fun. The rollercoaster, bungee jumping, zipline, and dolphin swim are popular Ventura Park attractions.

The best of Ventura Park in Cancun

The best of Ventura Park in Cancun

Adventure World at Ventura Park in Cancun

Fun World is the first Ventura Park must-see. The most traditional amusement park rides are here. Over there, you’ll find a roller coaster with lots of turns, crazy chairs, and rocking chairs that simulate a flight over the Caribbean Sea. The vintage carousel, a park classic, also entertains kids here.

The Ventura Park Dolphinaris in Cancun

Your next Ventura Park attraction should be Dolphinaris. The chance to swim with Cancun’s beloved dolphins makes this tour one of the most popular. Interesting packages include swimming with the animals, taking pictures, kissing, petting, and playing with them.

A unique and inexplicable experience. Dolphinaris offers a variety of dolphin activities for the whole family to enjoy and learn about. Enjoy!

Cancun Ventura Park underworld

Third Ventura Park attraction tip: Underworld. Do not miss this amazing Cancun park area if you are curious and love adventure and adrenaline. There will be spy activities, virtual games, and, mostly, star wars. This Ventura Park attraction in Cancun offers laser tank adventures, virtual battles, and a five-phase Star Wars game that recreates the trilogy’s main battles. Amazing, eh?

Ventura Park Cancun Grandprix attraction

The Grandprix is another suggestion for Ventura Park visitors who are unsure what to do. This park attraction is perfect for speed freaks. Race with family and friends to show off your driving skills. The waterfront Grandprix attraction offers go-karting with hairpin turns and a 275-meter track.

Aaaah! Ventura Park attraction in Cancun

If you want to continue the suggestions for the toys and areas of Ventura Park, do not insert anything into your script. Oh my god! It’s Ventura. Discover the world of Tarzan and take part in some exciting activities at this entertaining attraction. There are activities such as bungle jumping, roller coasters, ziplines, jungle bridges, and parachute jumps available. One-winged excitement and daring endeavours.

Ventura Park in Cancun’s Wet’n Wild

Finally, visit Cancun’s Ventura Park’s Wet’n Wild. You and your family can enjoy the complex’s water toys, Rio Bravo, giant water slides, buoy rides, and more.

  • Address: Blvd. Kukulkan Km.25, Hotel Zone, Cancun, Mexico, nearby Dolphinaris Cancun, 77500 Cancún, QROO, México.
  • Opening hours: 10 am–5 pm daily.
  • Prices: Each attraction costs different, but the park with all these attractions costs around $100.

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