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Use top Quality Equipment and Accessories for Your Airport Lighting Infrastructure

Use top Quality Equipment and Accessories for Your Airport Lighting Infrastructure

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Lighting in the aviation industry is a critical requirement not just for operations but also for safety. When we are speaking about aircraft weighing over 180 tons taking off and touching down round-the-clock, safety and security of operations is obviously a top priority. 

The lighting systems in an airport are based on layouts with standardized positional lights and colors that help pilots to judge their environment both in the air and on the ground. 

It’s a challenge for pilots to read and locate lighting in an airport and identify the runway. Unless the network of electrical distribution in the airport is of top quality, the risk of power overload and outages is real. 

In a busy airport, such power outages or any other disruption can be catastrophic. Looking at the positive side, airport authorities make it a point to procure only the best quality lighting systems, equipment, and components. 

The most intensive use of lighting is, of course, on the runways, but usage of such lighting depends on the level of traffic that an airport handles on a daily basis. 

There are lights on the runway edge and on the pavements, as well as sequence flashing streamer lights that come with adjustments to meet the pilots’ convenience. 

Lighting for runways, hangers, and control towers 

There are other sections of an airport, like the runways, hangers, and control towers, where the need for electrical power is no less critical than on the runways. 

The runway lights come in several variations depending on the specific requirement of the planes taking off and landing. The staff in the field uses hand lights to coordinate their operations. 

Power supply to the control towers especially is absolutely critical because the air traffic controllers need their monitoring screens to be operational 24/7. 

The airplane hangars are another vital area where a substantial power supply is needed for the repair and servicing of the planes with the help of heavy-duty equipment that runs on electric power. 

Power supply for lighting and facilities at the terminals 

The airport terminals are among the busiest of places that you find anywhere, with the constant movement of people, luggage, cargo, and equipment. 

Although power supply disruptions are unimaginable in a busy airport, it can happen if the airport management does not select the right kind of lighting equipment and accessories. 

It’s not that there are no power supply disruptions in the airports, but these are managed with heavy-duty generators and power back systems. 

The maintenance of generators is another area that the airport authorities have to take into account. Optimum performance of the generators is not possible unless they are of high quality. 

At the same time, the accessories used to distribute power, such as the generator power cord and other components, should also be of the best quality.  

All airport authorities understand the importance of an uninterrupted power supply within the airport area. You must, therefore, secure electrical supply and distribution at your airport not just with skilled professionals but also with top quality accessories like 60 AMP fuse and others.

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