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Travel Nurses: How to Get to Know Your New Destination

Travel Nurses: How to Get to Know Your New Destination

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Here we will go over how to get to know your new destination as a travel nurse. 

Being a travel nurse requires you to move to new places every few weeks or months.

Getting to know your destination before moving or soon after will help make your new town feel like home and the transition easier. 

Let’s jump right.

Visit Your Destination

Although some traveling nurse contracts are provided within a few days of your intended departure, some positions may be scheduled further out. If you are lucky enough to have a few weeks to prepare, you can take a short trip to your new temporary home to familiarize yourself with the area. 

Consider taking your family on a day trip to your soon-to-be home. While there, you can get a good idea of what the town is like and take note of the stores, restaurants, and gas stations near your new address.

Additionally, bringing your family along will help them feel more comfortable with your absence.

Choose Your Own Accommodations

One of the best ways to get to know your new destination is by choosing your own home. Often, your nursing contract will provide corporate housing or allow you to receive a housing stipend.

Receiving a stipend is generally the better option. You have control over where you will stay and how much it costs. offers many resources to travel nurses that can help you better understand your options and find the best-extended stay hotel or housing.

By finding your own accommodations you can choose which neighborhood you will live in while on the job.

Do Some Research

Prior to your departure, do some research on the city you will be living in. 

Look up information like:

  • High crime areas
  • Local businesses
  • Events
  • Transportation options and routes
  • Traffic patterns

Knowing these bits of information will help each day run smoothly and keep you safe.

Join a Facebook Group

There are many Facebook groups and online forums that can help you become acquainted with your new home.

Consider joining tourist or local community pages. In these groups or forums, you can sit back and watch others talk about the area or ask specific questions. Group members will be happy to give you first-hand knowledge on the best places to eat, what areas to avoid, and the must-see hidden gems in their town.

Get a Guidebook

Between your local library, bookstore or amazon, you are sure to find some great guidebooks that focus on your new destination. 

In these books you can read about accommodations, sights, transportation, activities, and more. Guide books also include maps and information on the town’s history and culture.

There are many different types of guidebooks. You can find a book tailored specifically to your demographics and reason for travel.

Take a Guided Tour

Once arriving at your destination, you may want to sign up for a guided tour.

Like in the movies, a tour guide will take you around town and educate you on various historical buildings, must-see attractions and provide random helpful facts that can help you during your stay. 

Guided tours are a great way to familiarize yourself with your new home because they offer some entertainment in addition to being informative.

Take a Walk When You Get There

Another great way to get to know your new town is by simply taking a walk or driving around after you move in. 

Getting first-hand experience is always one of the best ways to educate yourself on something new. 

When you take a stroll through the neighborhood, be sure to bring a notebook so you can jot down anything you find intriguing such as:

  • Public parks
  • Bus stops
  • Coffee shops
  • Gyms

Taking frequent walks or drives during your time off helps you understand your destination and feel at home in a foreign area. These outings also provide a way to relax when you are missing your loved ones or feeling overwhelmed by work.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Talking to strangers is not normally encouraged; however, getting to know your neighbors will help you make some friends and get an idea of whether or not you have some shady characters to look out for.

Your neighbors can tell you some of the best places to check out nearby. Having some friends will also help you feel more comfortable in your new home.


Moving to a new place can be difficult but by preparing yourself with knowledge of the area, feeling comfortable in your new home becomes much easier.

You can get to know your new destination by visiting the town before moving, purchasing some guidebooks, taking a guided tour, exploring the neighborhood, talking to your neighbors, and doing research.

Travel nurses often find themselves signing contracts that bring them to new and confusing areas. By following these tips each time you travel for work, you never have to worry about feeling out of your element in your new home. 

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