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Saree Brands in India 2024

Top 10 Best Saree Brands in India 2024

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There is a beautiful quote about saree, “Every fold tells a story.” Whether it is any occasion or festival, saree gives a touch of sophistication and adds glamour to one’s personality. Saree is quite-essential part of women’s wardrobe.

Styling saree also reflects the cultural heritage. Sarees are available in different types and in fabrics like Banarasi saree, kanjivaram, Chiffon, Taant, Silk and many more. You can choose your saree as per your preference and style. There are many saree brands like Anouk, Soch, Satrang, Ishin etc. available on Myntra. Shop your elegant look for a saree with Myntra Coupon Code.

1. Satya Paul

List of best saree brands in India is incomplete without Satya Paul. It is a renowned brand which gives a fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. It is particularly known for exquisite sarees, kurtis handbags, it has a carved niche in the hearts of global fashion enthusiasts. It has introduced bold patterns, vibrant colours, and unconventional draping styles with abstract prints, patterns and colour. No matter whether it is a festive occasion or a casual day out these sarees offer a spectrum of colours, easy draping with the touch of uniqueness that elevates your style.

2. Soch

In the fashion world, Soch is a blend of traditional and modern astistry. It has around 150 stores present in 59 cities across India with over 3000 options at every store. Soch collections has fabrics like crepe, cotton, chiffon, brocade, silk voile and blends sourced from various parts of India with adding a timeless charm and grace to your style. You can order your saree online from the store. Moreover, in order to find deals for incredible savings for an elegant look, apply Myntra Discount Coupon Code and order your saree.

3. Fabindia

Fabindia is a renowned brand for saree that sells clothes, textiles, and ethnic products made by local Indian artisans. It aims to promote local artists by giving them employment. The range of women’s clothes made the brand much famous. Sarees like silk cotton, silk-blend, linen, wool, viscose, rayon, and many more synthetic fabrics are available at Fabindia. The combination of western and Indian elements give the elegant look and comfortable to wear.

4. Suta

Suta is a brand of flimsy, flowy sarees that beautifully melds tradition with modernity.

Rooted in Mumbai, Suta design studio churns out stylish, comfortable clothing with a blend of traditional weaving, contemporary design which shows love for simplicity. Suta sarees are light, breathable fabrics with deliciously minimalistic work. Suta sarees are perfect for any ocassion. The vision of blending beauty and comfort can be seen in their affordable and elegant collection of sarees. Suta sarees are very reasonable and further you can also get discounts by shopping with Cashaly.

5. Kalanjali

Kalanjali is known as Pride of South India and has a great fan base across the country, it is a special manufacturer of south Indian Sarees. The Kalanjali Sarees are not only famous in India but have a solid clientele worldwide. If you are looking for sarees, Kalanjali sarees have a variety of options with top notch silk sarees with a huge variety. If you love silk sarees then Kalanjali’s silk sarees are for you. Each piece of saree is handmade with dedication and care at a reasonable price.

6. Mirraw

Mirraw is a prominent Indian ethnic store that has captured the hearts of fashion fanatics. Mirraw introduced Indian culture globally with a strong presence not only in India but the U.S and Europe also. Mirraw sells regionally handcrafted sarees which include Chickenkari, Banarasi, and Kanchipuram sarees, expressing different stories about Indian culture. Saree buyers admire the brand for its elegance, quality and variety of new designs. If you are looking for saree then must try Mirraw it will never disappoint you.

7. Karagiri

Karagiri is a highly ethnic brand that epitomises the ancient heritage of India in their designs. It is known for the wonderful art work on sarees, due to its high quality and varieties, it has gained popularity. Sarees truly reflect the essence of the Indian tradition. So Karagiri has different sarees for different occasions and festivals, their collection includes wedding sarees, Banarasi saree, Kanjivaram saree, Paithani saree, Linen saree, Silk saree, Chikenkari, organza, embroidered, and other fabric varieties. Karagiri saree is perfect for concerts, parties, weddings, and more. So, without any doubt, get ready with a Karagiri saree on your next occasion.

8. Bahuji

Saree is a must have for every woman’s wardrobe in India. Bhauji saree is a new saree brand having very high quality and style which gives you an elegant look to adorn your personality. The products are manufactured in Gujarat with different varieties of sarees like Silk saree, Banarasi, Designer, kanjivaram, wedding sarees etc. Saree in India have been traditional attire for ages. Add one saree from Bahuji to your wardrobe for your next occasion.You can also order your saree from Cashaly and get a discount also.

9. Nalli

Nalli sarees is one of the oldest renowned brands in India. Originating from Chennai, the brand has many stores across many cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Madurai, Kochi, Bangalore and is still expanding, it has its presence in the USA, Canada, and Singapore as well. The good work on normal fabric makes this brand famous, Nalli is known for premium silk sarees but it offers other fabrics too like crepe, georgette, crepe, chiffon, and many other fabrics. It has different styles and needs from daily wear to bridal wear, so next time decorate your wardrobe with Nalli sarees.

10. Koskii

Koskii is the term for ‘girl’ in the Navayati language, which means ‘newly arrived’ or ‘newcomers.’ Koskii is a well known brand in India. Women across the world appreciate its feminine beauty and cultural importance. The outfits are designed by traditional artisans. Koskii has many stores in the cities of Bangalore and Chennai with a thriving online community. It has become the destination for young fashion conscious women who want trendy Indian occasion wear. It caters the range of outfits for all occasions, wedding, mehandi, haldi, sangeet, moreover it offers a wide collection of lehengas, gowns, sarees, and fusion ensembles like harem pants, crop tops and many more.


Saree is not just an attire but a reflection of one’s identity and culture, whether you prefer elegant saree from Mirraw or the timeless charm of brands like Nalli, Bhuji these brands offer a range of styles and designs at an affordable price. You can also buy sarees at reasonable prices, by using Ajio Coupons, now the budget will never come between you and saree shopping.

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