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The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them - Dream Team Promos

The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them: A Captivating Webtoon Worth Exploring

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“The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is a captivating webtoon that has captured the hearts of readers with its intriguing storyline and enchanting artwork. Created by Ryu Heon and SC13, with art by Team Happy Gary, this drama, fantasy, romance, and shoujo genre webtoon has gained popularity since its release in 2022. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them,” exploring its plot, characters, and the elements that make it a must-read for fans of the genre.

Plot Overview:

So, there’s this awesome webtoon that’s all about this super mysterious object left behind by a dude named Melvin. And get this, it’s got a whopping 34 chapters for you to binge online! It’s packed with drama, fantasy, and romance, taking you on a wild ride. You’ll follow a group of characters who stumble upon the object and unlock its hidden powers and secrets. They’re on a quest that’ll totally rock their worlds. The story is seriously mind-blowing, keeping you hooked with its crazy twists, while also diving into deep stuff like love, friendship, and destiny.

Plot Overview - DTP


“The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” introduces a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and motivations. The main protagonist, let’s call her Lily, is a young and determined individual who stumbles upon Melvin’s mysterious object. Her curiosity and bravery drive the story forward as she becomes entangled in a web of supernatural events. Alongside Lily, there are other key characters, such as the enigmatic Melvin himself, whose past and intentions slowly unravel throughout the narrative. Supporting characters, including friends, allies, and even adversaries, add depth to the story, providing intricate relationships and adding layers of complexity to the plot.

Here are some key characters from “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them”:

  1. Lily: The main protagonist of the webtoon, Lily is a young and determined individual who discovers Melvin’s mysterious object. Curious and brave, she becomes entangled in a world of supernatural events and embarks on a transformative journey. Throughout the story, Lily’s character undergoes personal growth and faces difficult choices that shape her destiny.
  2. Melvin: Melvin, the mysterious dude who ditched that mind-boggling object, is one intriguing character. Seriously, he’s like a walking enigma. As you dive into the story, you start peeling back the layers of his past and uncovering the real deal about that object. It’s a slow reveal, but totally worth the wait. You’ll discover Melvin’s true intentions and what really drives him. It’s like adding a bunch of puzzle pieces to the narrative, making things even more complex and exciting.
  3. Supporting Characters: Lily and Melvin have got a whole crew of supporting characters in this webtoon. You’ve got friends, allies, and even some foes thrown into the mix. Each of these characters brings something special to the table. They’ve got their own viewpoints and quirks that add some serious flavor to the plot. And let’s not forget about the relationships they have with Lily and Melvin. It’s like a web of emotions and connections, making the story even richer. The dynamics between them are so intricate, and you’ll be totally invested in their emotional rollercoasters.
  4. Antagonists: Within the webtoon, there may be antagonistic characters who pose challenges and obstacles to the main characters’ journey. These antagonists could be individuals driven by their own motivations or forces of darkness that stand in the way of the protagonists’ goals. Their presence adds tension and conflict, testing the protagonists’ resolve and pushing the story forward.

Artwork and Visual Appeal:

Dude, let me tell you, one of the raddest things about “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is the mind-blowing artwork by Team Happy Gary. Seriously, these artists are legit! The illustrations are so on point, bringing the characters and settings to life in such a cool way. The attention to detail is insane! And don’t even get me started on the colors and shading. They totally set the mood, whether it’s a chill moment or an epic action scene. It’s like the visuals grab you by the eyeballs and transport you straight into the world of the characters. It’s pure immersion, my friend!

Artwork and Visual Appeal - DTP

Themes Explored:

Yo, listen up! “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” goes way beyond just a killer plot and jaw-dropping artwork. It’s got some deep themes that hit you right in the feels. Destiny and choices, man, that’s what it’s all about. These characters are faced with some heavy decisions that totally shape their lives. It’s like they gotta face their fears head-on and figure out what they truly believe in. And let’s not forget about love and friendship, bro. That’s some serious stuff. The connections they make and the alliances they form are all part of the wild ride. Oh, and don’t get me started on the allure of the unknown. It’s like this irresistible pull, but it comes with a price, ya know? There’s always a cost to unraveling the mysteries of the world.

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Reception and Impact:

Alright, check this out! “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is totally winning over readers, man. I mean, it’s got an average user rating of 7.1 out of 10.0, which is pretty solid. People are really digging the webtoon’s awesome plot, characters, and killer artwork. It’s like everything just clicks, you know? Fans are hooked, eagerly waiting for the next chapter to drop. They’re all about those theories and speculations, trying to figure out what’s gonna happen to their favorite characters. And it’s not just online, bro. This webtoon is making waves in the real world too! There’s fan art, cosplay, and all sorts of discussions happening on social media. It’s like a whole community coming together to celebrate the awesomeness of “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them.”

check this out! "The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them" - DTP


“The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is one epic webtoon, my friend! It’s got everything you could ask for: drama, fantasy, romance, and those awesome shoujo vibes. This webtoon knows how to grab your attention and keep you hooked till the very end.

The story takes you on this wild ride through a world where supernatural stuff mingles with everyday life. And it all starts with this mysterious object Melvin left behind. That thing sets off a whole chain of events, unraveling secrets and shaping the destinies of our beloved characters. You can’t help but get totally engrossed, flipping those pages like there’s no tomorrow, dying to find out the truth behind that enigmatic object.

Now, let’s talk about the characters, man. They’re the real deal. Each one is crafted with care, with their own quirks, dreams, and inner struggles. You watch them grow, face challenges, and make choices that really make you think. And the connections they form? They run deep, bro. You can’t help but feel what they’re feeling and root for ’em to come out on top.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the visuals. The artwork is off the charts! Team Happy Gary knows how to make those drawings pop. The attention to detail is insane, bringing the characters and their world to life. The colors, the lighting, the whole composition—it’s like you’re right there, feeling all the emotions. Whether it’s the magical realms or the epic battles, the artwork takes the story to a whole new level.

But it’s not just about the action and eye candy, my friend. This webtoon goes deep. It tackles some serious themes that make you reflect on your own life. Destiny versus free will, man. Choices and the paths we take—they’re all there, making you ponder the twists and turns of your own journey. And the power of love, friendship, sacrifice, and redemption? It hits you right in the feels.

Since its release, “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” has built this crazy fanbase. People can’t stop talking about it, man. Online forums, social media—you name it. Theories, fan art, and heated discussions are all over the place. This webtoon has even inspired cosplayers and fan events. It’s like a cultural phenomenon, leaving its mark on the world.

“The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is the webtoon you’ve been waiting for, my friend. It’s got an incredible storyline that grabs hold of you, characters that feel so real, and artwork that’ll blow your mind. It takes you on a deep dive into themes of destiny, love, and friendship, keeping you on the edge of your seat with all its mysteries and surprises. Once you step into this world, there’s no going back, dude. Get ready for a truly unforgettable journey filled with drama, fantasy, romance, and all the shoujo goodness you could ever ask for. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss out on this one. It’s a total game-changer!

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  1. Is “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” suitable for all age groups?

Yep, “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is a webtoon that can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. But hey, listen up! It’s worth mentioning that the webtoon tackles some themes and stuff that might be better suited for the more mature crowd. Just a heads-up, my friend!

  1. How often are new chapters of “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” released?

New chapters of “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” are typically released on a weekly basis. Fans eagerly anticipate each new installment to continue following the story and its characters.

  1. Can I read “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” for free?

Yes, “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is available to read for free on various webtoon platforms. However, some platforms may offer premium content or additional features for paid subscribers.

  1. Are there any plans to adapt “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” into other media formats?

As of now, there haven’t been any official announcements about turning “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” into other media stuff. But hey, since it’s so popular, who knows? We might see animated series or live-action versions down the road. Keep your fingers crossed, my friend!

  1. Where can I find more webtoons similar to “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them”?

If you enjoy “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” and are looking for similar webtoons, you can explore other works within the drama, fantasy, romance, and shoujo genres on webtoon platforms. These platforms often have recommendation features that can help you discover new webtoons based on your interests.

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