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The Quick and Easy Way to Set Up a US Corporation

The Quick and Easy Way to Set Up a US Corporation

Table of Contents

It is not necessary to have a US mailing address in order to form a corporation in the US from India. You need neither a US visa nor to be a permanent US resident.

The steps required to form a Delaware C company for an Indian citizen are identical to those required of a US citizen.

There are ways to register a company in USA from India in as little as 10 minutes, however this obviously depends on the specifics of your circumstance and the resources at your disposal. That’s how long it takes to incorporate your business utilizing USAIndiaCFO (hint).

The upsides of starting an American firm in India

If you’re an entrepreneur in India looking to get investment for your startup, registering your company in Delaware is a great first step.

Every year over the previous three years, the United States has averaged $130 billion in venture capital investments in new businesses. That sum include investments from both established VC companies and more unconventional backers like angel investors and startup syndication groups (ie. crowdfunding).

In comparison, India’s capital market is expected to reach $30 billion in annual volume by 2025.

It’s wonderful to see the Indian stock market on the rise, and its success is something to be celebrated. In any case, if you’re living in India and want to start a business in the United States, you may do so by creating a company there.

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How to Set Up Shop in India as a Founder from the United States?

There are six processes involved in registering a corporation in the United States from India:

1.The success of your company depends on your selection of the appropriate legal structure. Most Indian businesses are C corporations since they are the most popular with investors.

2. Make a judgment on where to incorporate your business. Delaware is home to the lion’s share of US tech companies. 70% of the Fortune 1000 are as well.

3. Incorporate by submitting the necessary paperwork. By using USAIndiaCFO, this process takes as little as ten minutes. The filing charge is already incorporated into USAIndiaCFO’s yearly flat rate.

4. Register with the IRS for an employment identification number (EIN) (IRS). In order to open a bank account in the United States, you will need an EIN. Establishing a corporate tax obligation by registration with the IRS. (The USAIndiaCFO will obtain an EIN number for you.)

5. Create an account at a bank in the United States. Opening a US bank account is a prerequisite to conducting business in the US and is possible once you have obtained an EIN.

6. Filing reports on time can help keep your business in good standing. Delaware legislation mandates yearly report filings. The application deadline is March 1.

Is your company currently registered in India? Here’s how to transfer your registration to the United States.

To efficiently relocate your firm from India to the United States, you may conduct a “Delaware flip.”

The time to do this is when your firm is young, has a small number of owners, and has not yet attracted any outside investors.

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Delaware Flip would work

Create a Delaware C company. Directors, officers, and stockholders must be appointed. (Using USAIndiaCFO, you can quickly set up a company in Delaware, even if you’re currently based in India.)

Employ Indian accountants and attorneys to secure corporate conversion permissions. You must also settle any delinquent debts or warrants for equity.

Your Indian company’s shareholders have approved a plan to convert their shares to those of your new Delaware company.

After these procedures, the Indian equity will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the newly formed Delaware C corp.

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