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The Bird Diverter -A Friend Of Birds, And A Solution To Electrocution Concerns

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Every year, birds die from electrocution in the United States. These birds are killed when they fly into these wires and get stuck in them. Without bird deterrents, a good number of birds would die each year. This article explains how the bird diverter works to prevent birds from being harmed by electrical wires, making it not only a solution for animals but for human safety as well!

What are bird diverters?

Bird diverters are devices that help prevent the electrocution of birds by their own power lines. These devices are simple, inexpensive, and can be installed easily to help protect both birds and people. They work by directing electricity away from the ground and towards the sky, which is where most birds live.

How do bird diverters work?

The bird diverter works by redirecting the current away from the ground and towards the sky. It does this by suspending a copper wire over an electric cable. When an overhead wire is near a bird, the wire will heat up and cause a current to flow through it. This current can kill birds if they get too close, but it also causes the wire to spark which deters other animals from getting too close as well.

What are the benefits of using one?

Here are some of the benefits of using a bird diverter:

-It prevents birds from getting caught in power lines.

-It can help to protect wild birds from being killed by electric shock.

-It is easy to install and use.


The bird diverter is a device that helps to reduce the number of birds killed by electrocution. The bird diverter is easy to use, and it can be placed almost anywhere where there are high levels of electric power lines.



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