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The 6 Best Disposable Vape Pens to Enjoy With Friends

Table of Contents

There is an increased interest in disposable vape pens in 2022. While they’ve been around for a while, their popularity has only risen recently as proper backups and ideal vacation choices. A disposable vape pen is a non-rechargeable device with pre-filled vape juice. It provides the best vaping experience with little effort, even for beginners. With many choices available on the market, this article looks at the best disposable vape pens to enjoy with friends in 2022.

1.      Astro Eight HHC Disposable Black Mamba

The disposable vape pen from Astroeight has a unique shape and design. This gorgeously designed vape loads up to 2.2ml with HHC extracts containing 2200mg per device. It is pre-charged and comes with a USB rechargeable cable.

Try HHC disposable vape pens now for smooth inhales even at high strengths. It has a long-lasting battery capable of delivering up to 600 puffs per bar. The company uses a fully ceramic heating element to ensure the best taste and experience. The vape pens come with premium quality HHC extracts. Its standout feature is the wide variety of flavors. There are up to 9 different flavors, including Grand Daddy Purple and Black Domina, making it easy to find a flavor you enjoy.


  • 2200 mg NIC strength
  • 9 different flavors
  • Prefilled with 2.2ml capacity
  • NIC salt and 20mg NIC strength.

2.      Geek Bar S600

Geekvape has a reputation for producing quality disposable products. The latest disposable vape pen comes with a more comfortable mouth bass. It’s more compact and robust, presented as a satisfying slab of lightweight vape.

The disposable vape stores 2ml e-liquid and a 500mAh internal battery, giving an average of 600 hits. These 600 pleasant puffs are efficient enough for a couple of days of relief. It is an ideal device if you’re afraid of turning out of e-liquid. It is prefilled with 2mls of 20 mg nicotine salt vape juice in various flavors.


  • Pre-charged built-in 500mAh battery
  • Breath activated
  • Prefilled with 2ml 20mg NIC salt
  • MTL Vaping

3.      Dinner Lady disposable

Dinner Lady produces quality products and offers stylish disposable vapes. The disposable is prefilled with quality e-juice from a UK-based firm. It has a classic range of dessert flavors, including lemon tart and strawberry macaroons.

The vape pen has a sleek, elegant steel build that’s comfortable to hand. It’s easy to use as you grab and vape without the superfluous mouthpiece to distract you. You will enjoy the pure flavor and comfort as you get the nicotine hit needed. Dinner Lady Disposable vapes come with 20 mg of nicotine salt and have built-in 400mAh batteries.


  • 20mg nicotine strength
  • Six delicious flavors
  • LED indicator
  • Built-in 400mAh battery

4.      Voopoo Zovoo Dragbar 600

VooPoo is known for producing big mods and pod vapes. They have also entered the disposable vapes market by producing some of the best ideas for new vapers looking for refreshment.  It has one of the most sumptuous flavors enhanced with menthol to provide a refreshing kick of refreshment.

The Dragba is a disposable sensation vape with a 13 ml prefilled juice capacity and a 400mAh battery. This battery capacity delivers up to 600 puffs of 20 mg nicotine strength, all made with nicotine salts for a smooth inhalation experience.

The disposable vape has a leak proof design and an ergonomic mouthpiece. It has a gorgeous glossy finish and a unique bullet-style build that fits comfortably in the mouth.


  • Pre-charged 400mAh battery
  • Draw-activated design
  • Leak proof design
  • 600 puffs of 20mg nicotine strength

5.      Nasty Juice Nasty Fix

This is a draw-activated prefilled disposable vape pen from Nasty Juice. Its design is excellent, with a great mouthpiece for mouth-to-lung vaping. It has a ready-to-vape setup that delivers a smooth and satisfying draw.

It has a 700mAh battery that can produce up to 675 puffs. The disposable vape has a board pen design and an air-flow adjustment. It’s lightweight and compact, which makes it beginner friendly.

Nasty fix disposable vape comes with traditional nasty juice flavors in 10 mg and 20 mg strengths. The different juice flavors offer more options to enjoy.


  • Built-in 700mAh pre-charged battery
  • 2 ml prefilled e-juice
  • Air-flow adjustment
  • Lip-smacking flavors

6.      Moti Box 6000

The Moti Box 6000 is a new kit on the market and is still a top-quality device. It’s a small portable vape pen with 2 ml NIC salt vape juice. The brand is known for its incredible, reliable, and user-friendly starter kit and is now trying its hand at disposable vapes. There are many flavors available to satisfy different user tastes. You can get a whole vaping experience and determine the right one.

This disposable vape has a 500mAh pre-charged battery that can deliver a couple of days of vaping satisfaction. You can get up to 600 puffs per unit. It usually comes with a lot of nicotine. This disposable vape kit comes with a vibrant and colorful design. The mouthpiece has the shape of a baby bottle nipple that fits better in the mouth.


  • 500mAh in-built battery
  • 20mg nicotine strength
  • Up to 600 puffs
  • Prefilled with 2ml nick salt fruit flavored

Bottom line

A disposable vape is usually easy to use, providing the best vaping experience with little effort. You open the pack and start vaping. Once the vape pack is over, you dispose of it and open another one. Many options are available if you are looking for the best disposable vape pens to enjoy with friends.

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