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That Is Why It Is So Important To Clean The Varnish Thoroughly

Table of Contents

By having the varnish cleaned at the bottom, you get a completely clean surface, which is ready for you to start polishing (if you want a nice and scratch-free varnish) or you can directly apply a varnish protection.

The elements in cleaning the varnish at the bottom consist of:

  • Wash the car
  • Removal of aircraft rust
  • Tar removal
  • Removal of other items
  • Varnish preparation for varnish protection
  • Wash the car
  • Start by washing the car thoroughly.

We recommend washing with prewash and the 2-bucket system.

When the paint is to be cleaned completely, it is important that you give yourself extra time for washing, to ensure that especially the lower part of the car’s paint is also washed thoroughly, and that you get road film and dirt removed.

Small red spots that are fly rust, we will get to how to remove in a little while, and small black spots that are tar, we will also guide you on how to remove. This you normal wash cannot take.

Remove fly rust

Fly rust is small iron particles that stick to the paint. We must have cleaned them before polishing. This is done with a dedicated means for this – e.g. Auto Gloss Blood Tonic

  • ADBL Vampire Liquid is sprayed on
  • Spray fly rust remover on the car (preferably the whole car)
  • Let it work for approx. 30 seconds (You can let it sit a little longer, it just must not dry in)
  • Spray it off with clean water (preferably from a high pressure cleaner)
  • Now you should have removed the worst fly rust.

Remove tar stains

If you have small black spots on the paint, it is probably tar stains. We must have cleaned them. You do this with a dedicated means to remove this, e.g. Tunap 124.

Tar on the car’s panels

It works by:

  • Spray the product on
  • Let it work for a few minutes (you will be able to see it dissolves the tar stain)
  • Wipe it with a microfiber cloth

You will now find that the looks Rengøring af bil, but if you drive your hand over it is guaranteed not to be completely smooth. You should therefore start with a clay bar that can pull the last dirt out of the varnish.

Remove the other elements from the paint

We remove the last dirt with a clay bar. You should only use the clay bar if you want to wash your car afterwards, as you will have to make some superficial scratches.

Claybar and immolube

It works simply by spraying a dedicated lubricant such as CarPRO IMMOLUBE on the paint and your clay bar and then you run in vertical movements on your paint.

This collects the last particles from the paint and you will find that it feels smooth afterwards.

Finish by at least rinsing the paint and wiping the car.

Varnish preparation for protection

The last step we are missing is actually to expose the varnish so it is completely ready for either polishing or varnish protection.

We do this with a remedy that can remove residues of soap, wax, old varnish protection, oils and silicone.

The product is called: Silicone Off

By spending the 5 minutes driving the car over with silicone off and a microfiber cloth, your paint protectors will adhere better or your polishing will run with less dirt.

Then you are ready for polishing

After that, you only have to choose polishing pads and polish.

Polishing the Citroen C1


Would you rather watch a video of preparing for polishing – then feel free to watch our video with preparation for polishing, with considerations that we have made before we start polishing a Tesla Model 3:

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