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Talliston House and Gardens

Talliston House and Gardens

Table of Contents

A quarter of a century ago, Essex resident John Trevillian bought what he calls ‘Britain’s most extraordinary home’. Now the three-bedroom ex-council house at Talliston Newton Green is opening its doors to visitors.

Step behind the front gate and each room becomes a world of its own. From Moorish bedchambers to New Orleans kitchens, each tells a story of time and place. If you are looking for Garden House visit this site

Room by Room

Talliston Room by Room

Forget about the cookie-cutter approach to interior design – here at Talliston, you experience the full impact of visionary owner-cum-storyteller John Trevillian’s astonishing imagination. From the eerie dark wood sleigh bed in the ‘Haunted Bedroom’ to the exotic scents and sounds of the ‘Room of Dreams’, every detail has been meticulously thought through.

The result is thirteen experiential locations that tell their own unique stories – all inspired by different times and places around the world. From a Victorian living and dining room, to a Japanese teahouse or New Orleans kitchen, there is something new to discover at every turn.

Discover how this ex-council house in Great Dunmow became Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home (The Times). Join us to explore the rooms and learn more about the quarter-century process that created it.

The Labyrinth

Thirteen-year-old Joe’s world is shattered when he enters a deserted council house and finds himself trapped inside an immense labyrinth protecting one of the last magical places on Earth. He discovers a book charting the maze and its thirteen doors – each leading to a different time or location. Hunted by sinister foes, Joe must find his way to the centre of Talliston if he is to rescue his parents.

Like all the best art, Talliston speaks not just to the eyes but also to the heart and soul. It is a place that leaves you wanting more, a place that you can explore in every sense – by moving from room to room, entering the past and at one point even entering the future, stepping from a Moorish bedchamber into a 1920s study or a New Orleans kitchen into a Victorian tower.

The Treehouse

Talliston Treehouse

From the outside this three-bedroomed ex-council house in a cul-de-sac in Great Dunmow looks like any other. But step inside and you enter a series of extraordinary rooms, designed and decorated with so much commitment to their wildly different themes that they feel utterly authentic. From a 1950s New Orleans voodoo kitchen to a Cambodian treehouse loft, each room transports you into the world of a different time.

Visionary owner-cum-storyteller John used his own creative flair and the skills of the local community to create thirteen rooms that take you on a journey through history. Details, such as soundscapes of Spanish wildlife and smells of nutmeg and coffee have been engineered to complete the immersive experience.

The Haunted Bedroom

The ‘Haunted Bedroom’ recreates in nightmarish detail the bedroom of a Scottish Edwardian child with period wallpaper, books, toys and ephemera. Details like soundscapes of wildlife from Spain, scents of orange blossom and the presence of a jilted mistress in the room all contribute to an immersive experience.

Each room, and indeed the gardens themselves, are a world unto themselves, inspired by the vision of Talliston’s owner-cum-storyteller John Tallow’s imagination. But it isn’t only how they look that makes them so enchanting; they also work as the spaces they are designed to be.

The Talcotts have had their share of paranormal incidents, Linda admits, including hearing a woman’s voice in the front bedroom. Despite such occurrences, the couple remain dedicated to their dream home.

The Garden

In this ordinary town in Essex, a three-bedroomed ex-council house hides a series of inspirational locations. Twenty-five years in the making, Talliston is more than just a house. It’s a labyrinth of rooms that transport you from a futuristic Japanese teahouse to a 1920s New York study or Victorian tower.

The rooms aren’t just re-creations – they feel alive, too. Whether it’s the soundscape of Spanish wildlife or the scent of orange blossom, each room is designed to be experienced as well as seen.

If you have the opportunity to stay, you can experience Talliston for longer than just a visit. Guests have full access to all 13 spaces, including the boathouse bathroom, Victorian living and dining rooms, Cambodian treehouse or the Haunted Bedroom.

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