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Some Basic Facts About Marriage in Indian Society - Dream Team Promos

Some Basic Facts About Marriage in Indian Society

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Not every marriage used to be happily ever after even done with proper planning. Our cultural scene suggests that marriage is the next step for any relationship, in which they may enjoy the emotional and physical connection. Punjabi matrimonials have different options for different girls and boys which may suit your profile and demands. Marriages are built on physical attraction and your choice for living life in future. Marriage is not an easy task to perform apart from selecting a partner as your preference. 

Marriage is recognized by society as a prescribed role for women and men who are sanctioned as husband and wife. The balanced system needs adjustments between the couple.

Some basic facts about marriage in Indian society

Marriage is considered sacred due to several reasons

  • There were different rites performed in marriage ceremonies that were considered sacred;
  • Dharma is the super most aim of marriage.
  • Rites are performed in front of Agni by reciting different mantras from sacred Vedas by Brahmins. 
  • The total focus is on the faithfulness of the man and the chastity of the woman.
  • Teamwork as a couple is considered irrevocable and indissoluble.

Meaning of marriage for society

  1. It does not matter how much you adore perfection, beauty, and social approval, sometimes you may have to accept that life may be lesser than the imagination you ever have in your mind. Matrimonial sites allow you to meet your ideal matches. You will be shocked at how you sacrifice your previous expectation for your partner.
  2. Even if you believe you are right but to keep the marriage alive you have to admit that you are wrong sometimes.
  3. Keep your fights away from the bedroom and never make them break your relationship.
  4. You may not roam or even hang out at the edge of stray- no matter how bad things are turning out within the primary relationship.
  5. Be on your best behaviour whenever outside people show up at your home, or you and your partner show up at families’/friends’ colleagues’ homes.
  6. When you hate your colleague and parents, your friends, there is at least one person who will think the same way. When you lose your job, or end a friendship, there is someone who would take your side 
  7. There is someone who would support you to love whenever you are sick/ill 
  8. In case you lose your job or face any downfall, screw up a chance, or end a friendship, there is one who would take your side and take on your opponent personally and intensely.

So, marriage is about sharing your room, your bathroom, your kitchen, and all of such personal moments which make us look less than ‘personable’. But the marriage did mean that in every battle you have, always be someone who takes it personally. The person also may have access to different personnel. 

Need of marriage

If you could look your care in the eye, and somewhere know that you may not bat those eyes, no matter which document, current anxiety, and past relationships has bought up between you, then marriage is the second phase.

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