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Chargers for Your Tesla

Recommended Chargers for Your Tesla

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There is an array of electric vehicle (EV) chargers on the market, and choosing one tailored specifically to your Tesla can enhance its driving experience. Tesla EV chargers include high-quality compatible versions for all Tesla models; here are our recommendations:

Level 1 Chargers

A Level 1 charger is a basic, low-power charging option for electric vehicles, typically using a standard household 120-volt AC outlet. It offers slower charging speeds. It can be an option for Tesla owners who have access to an outlet and don’t need to charge their vehicles quickly.

Advantages of choosing a Level 1 charger for your Tesla include its affordability and convenience. As most households already have standard AC outlets installed, no extra equipment needs to be installed; and charging can take place either at home or while traveling – as long as an outlet is accessible. Furthermore, its SAE J1772 charge port compatibility means easy charging across all Tesla models.

Level 2 Chargers

Level 2 chargers are a great charging option for Tesla owners. They provide faster charging speeds compared to Level 1 chargers. This type of charger uses a higher voltage (240 volts) than standard household outlets, which results in quicker charging times.

Level 2 chargers come in various forms, from wall-mounted units and portable chargers to public charging stations. Installation may require an electrician to install a dedicated 240-volt outlet in your garage or driveway for this type of charger.

A Level 2 charger has efficient charging speeds that can fully charge your vehicle overnight. Tesla EV chargers are also equipped with a J1772 charge port and can easily be used with an adapter for Level 1 charging if needed.

Tesla Wall Connectors

The Tesla Wall Connector is a Level 2 charger option for Tesla owners. It can be mounted on a wall in your home or garage. It has a built-in cable management system, allowing for easy storage when not in use. The Wall Connector also has smart charging capabilities. It can automatically adjust charging speeds based on your home’s energy usage to prevent electrical system overloading. This feature also allows for optimizing charging times to save on energy costs.

There are two versions of the Tesla Wall Connector, Gen 3 and Gen 2. The Gen 3 version has a sleeker design and can charge faster than the previous generation.

Mobile Connectors and Portable Chargers

The Mobile Connector can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet for Level 1 charging. It also has adapters for Level 2 charging at public stations. This is a convenient option for those who need access to a dedicated Level 2 charger at home.

Tesla offers its Portable Charger as a separate purchase, making this outlet adapter suitable for Level 1 charging even when away from home. Conveniently portable and lightweight, this compact charger makes for easy transportation in your trunk or provides a handy backup option when on the go.


Tesla’s Supercharger network comprises high-powered Level 3 chargers which can recharge your vehicle much more rapidly than Level 1 or 2 charging stations, and are strategically placed along popular routes for convenient recharging. They offer more options when travelling over longer distances. Furthermore, Tesla EV chargers can also be found at numerous public charging stations.

Invest in Tesla EV Chargers

Several options for charging your Tesla include the Wall Connector, Mobile Connector, and Supercharger network. Each option offers varying charging speeds and convenience levels. Consider your needs when choosing the right charger for your Tesla. Invest in reliable Tesla EV chargers to improve your charging experience and reduce potential charging delays.

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